Ajax Bridal Show

The Past Sunday I was in a booth at the Ajax Bridal show with Michael’s Salon (located in Pickering Village).  The day went really well danced away to some old school tunes, had some laughs and did make up/ hair on two gorgeous models Bianca and Alyssa.  Overall I think the show was a pretty good success and I’m sure both Mike and I will get a few clients out of it!! It is beginning to be a busy busy season..just the way I like it!!

I guess being in the industry I had no idea that so many people did not know about airbrushing (no it is not the technique used on the computer)until the show. So here’s a little run down airbrushing in my view is the best form of applying make up, it leaves you looking flawless and feels like you are wearing nothing on your face, it is high def (like some regular foundation), it will last all day and yes it will probably still be on your face in the morning after those long nights where you forget to take your make up off (I mean no I have never done that before…)!  Airbrushing is also a good technique for hiding tattoos so brides if you have a tattoo you want to cover this is the best way to do it!!!

Below are a couple of pictures I took at the Bridal show 🙂


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