ABA’s with Michael Ditacchio’s Salon

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At the beginning of the month I was asked (well really told lol) by Michael to do the make up for his model as well as a coworker’s model for the ABA’s downtown at the Metro Convention Centre.   Without hesitation like always I agreed.  Working with Michael is super fun we have a great time and it’s a relaxed setting (besides his pacing back and forth about the competition :P) .  I got to the salon on Sunday morning to do the make up and we sat and watched a few competitions until it was his turn to shine.  Michael had entered into the long hair competition where he had to do an up do which I might add was gorgeous!!!  I was shocked that Michael did not place however congratulations to those hairdressers out there that did! 

Next was Jessica the lady at the front desk would not let me down stairs (even though there was a pass with my name on it she was not having it) soo Jessica came up the escaltor and we found a little table to do the make up at.  With Jessica’s model we used goldenrod eye shadow mixed with clear gloss to make the colour of her lips so gold.  It was fun i realized how much I miss doing creative shoots; guess I need to get back to that! I later got a text from Mike saying that Jessica placed 3rd in her competition!!! Amazing job Jess!!!! 

For all of you who do not know Michael Ditacchio He is an amazing hairstylist that just opened up his own salon in Pickering Village you should def check him out I have been going to him for like 15 years!

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