Antonella’s Winter Wonderland Wedding

Well I am a little far behind on this blog it’s time to play catch up!  On Antonella’s day it was a blizzard outside but absoutley gorgeous scenery! 
I have been blessed with the bridal parties I have had; Antonella and her bridal party/family were amazing people and I am so fortunate to have met them!  Her dad made good Italian sandwhiches (yes it was 8 or 9am but I ate that so quickly you swear I hadn’t eaten in days). 

I airbrushed Antonella and her bridal party with Kett Foundation; Antonella is lucky enough to be blessed with long gorgeous eyelashes and she did not need to put any fake ones on 🙂

It was a pleasure to meet them and Thank you Antonella for asking me to help out with your fairy tale day!!

There are two photos and hopefully I will add some more later to my website

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