Happy and Excited to Introduce Princess Parties!!!

When you’re a little girl you dream of  meeting Prince Charming and being a Princess just like in the Disney movies!  Twirling around in that Princess dress and just looking as gorgeous as ever!  Why not have a Princess Party for your little girl and her girlfriends? Whether it be a birthday party or just a celebration.  I am now working with my cousin Mia (as always) along with Princess TuTu’s we are here to help your little girl have the fairy tale experience they have always wanted!  Purdy Girls are extremely excited to have the ability to work with the talented princess tutu.   

I will be there providing makeup and nails for all of the girls, Mia will be there to photograph the entire day, and Ang at Princess Tutu’s will be making the outfits for your gorgeous little Princesses!

We will be posting some photos within the next month as we are getting started on this amazing adventure! If you or your friends have little girls and would like them to have this experience please contact us!  Also please like us all on Facebook for more updates and to see all of our work!

FB Pages:

Erica Purdy , Purdy Girls , You by Mia and Princess TuTu’s 

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