No waste wedding in the woods? Amazing

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Hey lovelies,

I just have to share this wedding with you all!! 2 weeks ago I was honoured to be the make up artist at Nancy and Jeff’s wedding; I have known them for years and I have not seen them for an extremely long time.  Not only was it amazing to catch up with them and their gorgeous bridal party it was unreal to see the venue they had picked I have never seen a bride and groom pick a venue like this and it was AMAZING!  Nancy and Jeff got married at The Ganaraska Forest Centre
If you are an outdoorsy couple looking for a venue this one is perfect just be careful to take the right route and not the off roading one like me and my lil’ kia soul did!!!

Nancy, Jeff and their families had a goal of 0 waste wedding (aka no garbage kind of wedding) they came very close to accomplishing their goal!! They produced 1/2 bag of garbage for 118 people including sleepover and Sunday breakfast.  The 3 things they did are as follows

  1. Have a straw-less bar. No one needs to drink a classy beverage through plastic.
  2. Make your decor out of earthy materials. Nancy’s sister collected pine cones, twigs, fallen branches, moss, birch bark, & stones from the woods and set them beautifully together. After the event, all went back into the woods.
  3. Put out compost bins and recycling boxes. People want to do the right thing – give them the opportunity.

If you are interested in doing something similar to this with the no waste you can contact Larraine Roulston through

Nancy and her wedding parties make up was very simple and natural and i airbrushed them all as well!  The two little flower girls were gorgeous and of course popped some dazzle on their lips and a little bit of blush as well :).

Please check out the photos they were done by Trevor Langdon and he did an unreal job of them!!  Also click here to see an amazing video so you can see just how well it all turned out!

congratulations to an amazing newly wed couple and thank you soo much for asking me to be a part of your day! It was so nice to see faces of old friends!

4 thoughts on “No waste wedding in the woods? Amazing

  1. Hi Erica. Great blog. Can’t get enough of these pictures. Thank you so much for your lovely talent. And almost Zero Waste too. It’s so easy to do and I can’t understand why everyone isn’t there yet.

  2. Larraine alerted us to this great event. What a great way to celebrate! Congratulations to all concerned, for a beautiful wedding and for respecting our beautiful planet. Will re-post this blog to let other people know how easy (and fun!) it is to come with creative ways to avoid waste, for whatever kind of celebration or get-together. Cheers, Lucy for the Recycling Council of Ontario

  3. Hi guys!
    Larraine you truely did an amazing job!!! I’m going to have to figure out how to be a little bit greener myself with the make up work although airbrushing does help alot with with the no waste!!!
    I’m so glad that i was part of this day 🙂

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