When you’re a little girl you dream of  meeting Prince Charming and being a Princess just like in the Disney movies!  Twirling around in that Princess dress and just looking as gorgeous as ever!  Why not have a Princess Party for your little girl and her girlfriends

Well that is where we come in: throw a princess party for your little girl for any occassion! Included in every party is makeup by me, princess outfits by Princess Tutu’s and photography by YouByMia Photography. Why not have a Princess Party for your little girl and her girlfriends – treat them like the princesses they are and document every special moment!

I am so happy and excited to announce that our packages for Princess Parties are finally available! Please see the four different packages below:

  • Package A:
    *  Makeup (nails as well as lip gloss, blush etc)
    *  Loot bags (has a flower headband and a tutu for the party as well as some extra treats) made by Princess TuTu’s
    *  Disc with ten of your favourite photos of the day edited by youbymia
  • Package B:
    *  Makeup
    *  Loot bags (same as above)
    *  20 edited photos of your choice on disc
  • Package C
    *  Makeup
    *  Loot bags (filled with princess goodies)
    *  Photography disc of 50 edited photos
    *  Princess Cake or cupcakes
    *  Full gorgeous Tu Tu’s and head pieces 

Package D
Now this one is all about YOU and your needs.  Please feel free to customize a package that best suits you and your party! You can mix and match anything you would like and if there is something that is NOT on the list that you would like please feel free to write and ask me and I will see what we can do about getting it!  Also if you want a Disney themed princess party please check out this page for amazing tutu’s inspired by Disney princesses

One more thing we have not forgotten about your little princes either!!  If you want a have little princes coming we will incorporate them into the princess party as well as stay tuned for Pirate themed parties!! We are working on those plans as I type!!

Please contact me for prices as it depends what package along with how many will be attending the party!



  1. Good morning,
    I think your princess parties are a great idea, I have my daughters 5yj birthday coming up and would like to know how much package B & C would cost.

    • Good Morning Donna,
      How are you? Thank you so much we are soo excited to do this!! The costs depends on the amount of children there will be at the party b/c of the number of loot bags as well as cupcakes and full tu tu’s for package C. If you could send me an email to and let me know approx how many children there would be and the location I can send you a response right away and let you know the cost of it :).

      Thank you so much for writing and hopefully I will hear from you soon!!!

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