My Beautiful Sister’s Wedding!

Okay soo this one hits a little close to home!! My gorgeous sister got married to the love of her life/Ewans daddy on May 12th.  I could not be happier for her  as she has made herself an amazing family!! Let me get one thing straight my sister means the world to me she is my bestfriend and has ALWAYS had my back (even if sometimes i didn’t know that’s what she was doing).  But let me tell you if putting make up on her while funny now to look back on, she was my most difficult client ever not because she is picky very far from that but just because she simply does NOT like people touching her face esp her eyes.  I think she is the first person to tell me eyeshadow burns!!! I managed to get on some all that glitters and sketch on her eyes and I even managed to get some lashes on her (that was the most difficult) annd like most of my clients my sister was airbrushed!   Never the less Megs looked gorgeous as she always does; but we all know she doesn’t even need  any make up as she is a stunning stunning woman!

My amazing cousin Mia did the photography for her wedding!! she did an unreal job and really captured all the emotions that day as well as how gorgeous of a day it was!! Hair was done by Michael Di Tacchio (if you ever need your hair done check him out he is located in Pickering Village)

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Congrats again to my gorgeous sister Megan Purdy (I guess Megan Bennett now) and her handsome husband Doug Bennett.  It was an amazing day and I’m so happy that I was a part of it
Love you guys

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