Now Selling one of my Favourite Products ever!!


Hey Everyone,

It’s been a little while since I have posted life is just getting too busy!!  I am so excited and I just wanted to let everyone know that I am now selling one of my favourite products called model in a bottle!  They are a company based out of the States and they have unreal products!!

The products that I am selling at this moment are:

Orignal spray – this spray is my all time favourite matte finish setting spray it works wonders!!  You spray this on your face after you apply your makeup and it will not move..hey even go to sleep with it on and you will wake up with your make up on!  It will hold foundation and eye make-up in place throughout the day and into the night. This product is resistance to smudging, tears, humidity and water.
Dries with a translucent matte finish, absorbs excess oil and doesn’t clogs pores.  I personally use this spray on both my self and almost all of my clients; it is always a big hit!!

2nd Product I will be selling is their cute little eyelash curler! It does an amazing job and it does not look scary when you put it up to your eye like most of the other ones.  It is pinch free for stubborn lashes, designed for a closer fit, travels easily
and there is a replacement pad included

3rd Product is Duo Lip Conditioner and Lipstick Sealer: this product is an amazing lip conditioner on one end and a lipstick sealer on the other end. 

Use the cream formula as a base coat or lip conditioner. This fast penetrating and hydrating formula with SPF will protect lips from the harsh elements and keep them moist and soft.

Finish with the Lipstick Sealer and your favorite lipstick. 100% botanical formula transforms your lipstick into a smudge-proof, drink-proof, totally Kiss-proof, last all day Model perfect look. Prevents feathering and bleeding around the lip line

And last but not least the Lash Builder: I have yet to try this product but I can not

wait to do so I will def be trying it this week!!  This is a natural Product in a gel form that you apply to the upper eyelid along your lash line twice a day and in just two – three weeks you will already start to see a difference longer, stronger and thicker lashes. Please feel free to check out their website at If you have any questions concerning these products please feel free to write me 🙂

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