Katy and Jason’s I DO!!

I have gotten to know this gorgeous bride as Purdy Girls not only did her big day but did her adorable daughters Princess Party for her 6th birthday.  This family is such a loving and kind family and I am so happy that I got to meet with them and share these wonderful moments with them!
Katy and Jason got married in October 2012 and everything went smoothly.  Katy looked stunning in her dress and Chloe her gorgeous 6-year-old looked as cute as she could be!!

My gorgeous cousin Mia took the photos and the hair was done by Michael’s Hair Studio in Pickering village (he did an amazing  job)

Thank you Katy, Jason and Chloe for letting us be a part of your day and congrats on everything :)!!!

Katy-&-Jason--64 Katy-&-Jason--121 Katy-&-Jason--123 Katy-&-Jason--127 Katy-&-Jason--128 Katy-&-Jason--131 Katy-&-Jason--135 Katy-&-Jason--138 Katy-&-Jason--144 Katy-&-Jason--154 Katy-&-Jason--160 Katy-&-Jason--163 Katy-&-Jason--231 Katy-&-Jason--242 Katy-&-Jason--244 Katy-&-Jason--311 Katy-&-Jason--349 Katy-&-Jason--355 Katy-&-Jason--369 Katy-&-Jason--414 Katy-&-Jason--670 me-katy

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