Have the Dry Winter Skin?

Okay so I have had a horrible time finding an amazing face cream for my extremely dry skin this season.

My usual biotherm although a great product was just not doing the trick this time. Every cream I used wore off an hour later and you could see the separation in my foundation because of the dryness.

I had a sample of the original moisture surge cream and I found a difference for sure but I still thought I needed a little bit more I found my face needed more water. So I went and purchased the moisture surge intense and my skin feels and looks so much better, I noticed results within a couple days!

I use this product as both a night and day cream it is a little bit on the thicker side but it doesn’t bother me at all. My skin feels so hydrated, soft and smooth when I use this. A little bit goes along way with this product! If you wear this under your make up like I do I suggest you put this cream on your face do your eye makeup first so that the moisturizer has time to dry before you put any face makeup on.

So far this is my number 1 product for face cream so those that have dry skin I would def recommend you go out and try this!!!


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