I’m Back!

Alright so many of us stopped wearing Lipsticks or many of us never even started my question to these people is WHY??? I used to be a non lipstick wearer all about the gloss now I hate being without it!!! I know some feel like they are drying and some just do not last long enough so what’s the point?!?! I hear ya! I used to also be all about MAC lipsticks and while yes they are still good there are even better ones out there!

I have fallen in love with Stila’s Colour Balm Lipstick it is unreal!!! It has certified organic sunflower based polyglycerides which hydrates your lips! They also has Natural peppermint oil in them which not only gives them an amazing minty smell (it’s hard not to lick your lips) but it also provides helps reduce the possibility of infection as well as soothes, and adds volume to your lips! Not to mention that lovely tingly feeling your lips (we all love that feeling)!!!! Not to mention they STAY!!! I have worn these lipsticks all day and I have to touch them up a little bit after I eat and that is it and I don’t even really have to do that!!!

The Colours are amazing!! There are 15 colours which means there is at least ONE for everyone out there!! Stila was pretty creative when they named their lipsticks and made their packages; all of their colours are named after someone who has been a part of supporting Stila Cosmetics (ie. Betsey for the amazingly talented Betsey Johnson).
Make up Artists you will LOVE their packaging it makes it so easy for us to just pull the colour we want out of the group; all of the colours are embossed in the Stila that is written on the case as well as all of the colours are inside the cap so it is easy to figure out which cap goes on what because we all know sometimes our stations get a little bit crazy!

So ladies do me a favour and go out and try this unreal lipstick!!! You will not regret it I promise you!!

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