4lbs in a week!

Hey everyone,

Okay so I started Isagenix last Tuesday (May 14th).  I already know I love the shakes and the way they taste so I was not surprised by this.  I did do a weigh in before I started the program and my first weigh in after was on Saturday and I weighed 4lbs less; I have not remeasured myself again as I will do that later this week and let you know if and how many inches I have lost.  I had my first cleanse day today and it was not hard at all the only thing that is hard about that is you just want to eat something I’m not hungry or anything I just want Pita Pit really badly lol.

So far I am obviously impressed with the results I’ve had in such little time and this has been without the gym.  This week the gym will be incorporated into it as well as some hot yoga most likely! 

Not only am I happy with the weight loss I am extremely happy that I have gotten the energy back that I used to have!!  I feel so much healthier and alive than i have the past couple of months!!

I’ll keep posting updates and probably more frequently as well! 


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