Benefit’s Fake up Hydrating Concealer

2013-07-09 17.16.59

Before I give my opinion on Benefit’s newest Concealer here are some clinical study results:
100% said Fakeup hydrates skin
100% said Fakeup feels comfortable on skin
97% said the formula is lightweight
97% said the packaging makes it easy to use
94% said the effect is long lasting
94% said Fakeup doesn’t run
91% said Fakeup concealers dark circles
91% saw a natural appearance

Now for my opinion. I personally love this concealer it is lightweight, moisturizing and blends really nicely! I can layer this product and it does not feel cakey and does not crease. However I will say if you have really dark eyes such as myself it may not be enough coverage for you; I apply Benefit’s Erase Paste to brighten my eyes and then fake up over top of it and find it does the trick! I do find it does the trick on it’s own for covering up blemishes darker spots on the face.
So if you have dry or sensitive skin I really would recommend you try Benefit’s Fakeup and see how you like it!!

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