Smashbox BB Cream

I wonder if there are any BB Creams out there now?  So I know that almost every company now has a BB cream and it is hard to choose which one is best for you so I am going to try more of them so I can give you guys the low down on what I think about this crazy craze. 

So  I will just give you the low down on how Smashbox markets their BB Cream and what it is supposed to do and then I will let you know my opinion on it!

Smashbox’s BB Cream is a 5 in 1:

PRIME:  you do not need a primer with this product it is to be worn alone or under your foundation if you wish. 

PERFECTS:  Has 5 shades (which is more than most) it is meant to even out your skin for a flawless finish

HYDRATES;  Guaranteed to improve skin moisture in as little as 4 weeks

PROTECTS:  has spf 35

CONTROLS OIL:  minimizes shin with no chalky finish

Okay now my views on it:
I actually think that this is a good product if you are looking for something with a little bit of coverage and something fast.  It is a bit of a thicker texture so if you are not a fan of that I don’t suggest this for you.  If you have a spot you want to cover up more you could use a little bit extra on that spot and you will be fine it will not look cakey.   This BB cream is easy to match as it has 5 different shades and it gives you an over all nice natural look.

I will say without a setting powder the longevity of it is not as good.  I have pretty dry skin so I still use my serum and my face cream underneath it however if you have oily skin you should be okay without using anything under it. 

A lot of this product goes a long way I do believe most of what this BB Cream is claimed to do it does.  I am not sure about the oil part as I do not have oily skin what so ever.  I will say that I still need to use my concealer to cover some of my imperfections ( I mean no one is perfect right?).   It definitely protects you from the rays as it proved when I got 0 tan this weekend (not too impressed with paleness but yay for protection)

Let me know what you guys think if you have tried this or what BB cream you want to know about!

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