Lise Watier Age Control Supreme Le Fluide

Hey guys,

Okay so usually I am raving about products on my blog and there are very few products on my blog that I say I don’t like but this is one of them!!!

The Lise Watier Age Control Fluide is described on their site as so “Light and fluid texture that give a supreme hydration. The skin appears smoother and plumper. Its elasticity and firmness are visibly improved.”

I was soo excited to try this product after getting it at a training seminar so the very next day I tried it and I loved the texture of it and it did make my face feel so soft; I continued wearing it for a couple of days until I broke out.  I am the type of person that may get one or two pimples and after seeing 6 on my face well that was the ONLY product I tried that was new on my face. 

I am not sure what about this product made my face break out and at first I was thinking it can’t be why my face broke out until another lady at my work had the exact same problem after trying it and we have 2 completely different skin types. 

I recommend if you have sensitive skin what so ever that you do not try this product.  I know that Lise Watier has amazing products and I stand by their brand as I love it however this is not a product I will ever stand by I now have a full size bottle and it will just be going in the garbage I am glad I did not pay the $80.00 for it!


If you have tried this product I would love to get your opinions and if it worked for you!  Let me know your feedback!


Have a great night everyone and hope you all enjoyed the long weekend

Erica 🙂

One thought on “Lise Watier Age Control Supreme Le Fluide

  1. I too used the lise watier age control and broke out, I am in my mid 40’s and got the same results, what is with this product, why are we all breaking out !!! I have skin on the dryer side from all the tanning I do, what a crappy deal this age control is, also I hated the serums they did nothing for “age control” and were very tacky and sticky when applied the only good thing @ the day serum was the sparkles, they looked awesome with a tan!!! Thanks, sherri

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