Tiff 2013 in style – Queensway Audi

Hey everyone!

Alright so things have been crazy hectic and busy and I will have some more posts soon!!!  This past week I got to do something I have never done before which is pretty exciting and it was super fun!!!  Queensway Audi invited me to do the make up of the lovely Lara Ceroni while she interviewed me on beauty tips.  Queensway was interviewing people around Toronto that had to do with the film festival it was very interesting and I am glad I got to be part of it!  I got in the back of an A7 TDI Audi and started Lara’s Make up While we talked about red carpet looks, how to achieve them as well as who we are excited to see this year and who were our favourites from last year.  Although I am not super happy that I think Kristen Stewart looked stunning last year as I am def not a huge fan of hers I can’t deny that she looked unreal!!!

Let us know who YOU are excited to see on the red carpet and who you have already seen that looked stunning!!  Thank you to Queensway Audi for inviting me to do this I had a great time with some amazing and talented people! 

Although it is very weird to watch myself check out the clips that were put together as well as the photos….Chris Hogg did an amazing job at taking some while we were not paying attention 🙂


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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