Alex and Kavita say I do

I am so thrilled and excited to post this entry and these photos/video as I have not done an Indian wedding for a very long time and I forgot how interesting and gorgeous all of their traditions are! I had a great time with Kavita and her family as she is such a lovely person and I got to find out where she got it from during her festivities; her family is amazing!

I know Alex as I work with him and I was honoured when they asked me to do their wedding. Everything about their wedding photos are stunning their colour scheme was Tiffany blue and they did some really creative things with it so I hope you enjoy the photos. The very talented photographers Carolyn and Philippe did an amazing job on the pictures. Kavita you look gorgeous in these photos; Alex I have never seen you look happier!!! Looks like the days were amazing and I am so glad to see and hear all about your wedding!

I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do!! Do not forget to check out the video it is amazing 🙂

Alex and Kavita Congrats I am so happy for you both!!

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