Bourjois Bourjois Bourjois

Alright so I have to say Bourjois has some new products out that I love and one new product that has an amazing idea and they were very smart with it however I can not stand it and would never recommend it to anyone!!!So lets do a review on 3 of the new products they have just launched

Lets start with the twist up the volume mascara. 
Okay so this mascara was something very very smart that the launched and I actually really enjoy it!  This mascara changes the brush with just a twist of the top; this is basically giving you two brushes with one mascara that will help to do different things to your lashes so that you have It all!  The orginial brush is designed to help with the lengthening  and definition of your lashes the brush head on it is long and your typical lengthing brush however with just the twist the brush turns into a shorter brush with tightly packed bristles which adds volume and plumps the lashes.  I can honestly say this one works it is very smart and works very well I can not see people hating this product I can see people loving it though! 

Now let’s talk about their new “amazing” erasable liquid eyeliner.
They were smart with the idea of having an eraser on a liner because we all know sometimes one eye looks completely perfect and the other eye well we won’t even say what that looks like!! It is good to have something to “erase” the mistakes however this is not the way to go. As much as I like their creativity I found this a horrible product (sorry Bourjois). First of all with this liner your finger does the same thing the eraser does just not as clean, this liner is not something that stays on especially if you itch your eyes or anything it will flake right off (yes flake). Also maybe my eyes are a little sensitive but a co-worker and I both tried it and we both had an allergic reaction to it I had to go and get drops for my eyes from the doctor to clear it up. This although smart idea was a huge fail for me. To fix your mistakes I would just use the pointy qutips and your favourite eye make up remover to help you out until they make this product better!!

For my last product review for the post their new Rouge Edition Lipsticks


Bourjois just launched 16 new Rouge edition lipsticks and I must say I love them!!! They feel silky and moisturizing they are highly pigmented and they last a long time on your lips. They have amazing shades one for everyone!! Right now my favourite one is 14 I can’t get enough of it and I get a lot of compliments on it. And it is not an expensive lipstick when you look at all of the other prestige brands so I def recommend heading to a shoppers soon and checking them out!!
morrismeshan (me in shade 14)

So far only one miss right now with the new Bourjois products. Let me know what you guys think of them!!

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