Okay it’s back for good…lets get in shape again

Okay this time I am going to write everyday about my 30 days. Things happened I wasn’t able to continue my 30 days so lets start this over again!! 
I PROMISE this time I will write about everything how my body is changing how much I have lost how much body fat  I have lost as well as how many inches! 

So I will start this tomorrow now that my back is up and good I will be back to working out which always helps any program and I will actually be able not to drink (Besides one day I mean its my friends wedding).  I am sure You will hear about how badly I am craving a glass of red wine or a big fat burger but hey I am not going to do it and it’s your choice if you read about it or not!!!  Lets get our health on and for anyone that wants to know about Isagenix give me a shoot and I will email you right back and tell you some amazing stories!
I will be posting healthy food snacks and meals as I go as well and how to make them/where I got the recipe from because lets face it I am def no cook!!

Please post YOUR Favourite healthy meals and I will def try them!!!! Lets get fit together!!

– Erica

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