My Isagenix Experience

Hey guys I’m back again.

Okay so I told you I would give you MY story on Isagenix.

I will tell you a little bit of background on me. I am 5″10 and was pretty much a “tom boy” I was into sports like crazy I was constantly active. I spent every summer since I was 8 years old until my early twenties training as a sprint race kayaker who practiced at least twice a day regattas during the weekend and when I was not in a kayak training I was in a kayak or motorboat coaching. In Highschool if I was not in my kayak training I was in a dragonboat training. When I wasn’t paddling of some sorts I was playing ultimate frisbee in a league on a team with other kayakers (although we only played for 2 years I continued playing ultimate with friends). My winters well since I was about 5 years old until I was 31 I spent my winters at the rink Playing ringette at a competitive level. But I found once I stopped training for kayaking I lost the amazing shape I was once in. I found myself more tired and not motivated because I wasn’t competing against anyone anymore. But I realized that I shouldn’t have to have someone to compete against to live a healthy active lifestyle.

Years ago I was talking to a good friend of mine Mike Pohorly he told me about this amazing woman Rebecca Harrison and about this isagenix program that Rebecca swears by and now works for. I got Rebecca’s contact info and started chatting with her she was very informative and I signed up right away I will not lie the very first time I did it I was not a 100% faithful to the program I mean quitting drinking for a month was extremely hard at that part of my life but I still got great results.

Then about 4 years ago I contacted Rebecca again as I was at my biggest I have ever been (I mean I am 5″10 but 180?? that’s just wrong for me) I was determined to get back to my “fit” self. I did the 30 day program religiously and the gym became my 2nd home I couldn’t get enough of it. I had so much energy and couldn’t get enough of the gym Isagenix of course was hard for the first couple of days I mean your body isn’t used to it however after that it just became a lifestyle in 1.5 months I went from being the biggest I have ever been to being extremely healthy and fit I had a bet to lose 40 lbs and well when I was done my isagenix I weighed 145 so I was 5 lbs over what I was supposed to be but the amount of inches killed what I ever thought I could do. I have never felt better and never been prouder of myself.
People say that you gain that weight back and i will say right now i am not at that anymore however I am never gained all of my weight back and it’s been 4 years. My healthy lifestyle that I was in is not anymore. A year ago I did the 9 day program and I did it to the tee I lost 15 lbs on it and inches as well everyone was asking me how and that was all to do with isagenix.

Now starting Monday I am doing a challenge with a team of people I am doing my 30 days again and I will be going strong at it as yet again I have determination and I am feeling it’s time to get healthy again as I am upset with myself that I have gained ANY of that weight back even though it has been 4 years.

Oh and let me tell you another thing the shakes they taste unreal and there are so many different ways you can taste them. Daily I still use them as my breakfast as they are so quick and easy but again I start 30 day challenge January 6th so those who want to join me let me know! Those who have tried it before comment and tell us YOUR story!!!
If anyone reads this who I know the next part will be embarrassing but below are pics of how big I was followed by the results that I made

Come Join me in the Challenge; Comment if you have any questions

One thought on “My Isagenix Experience

  1. Erica introduced me to Isagenix a year or so ago. The shakes are definitely delicious and are super-easy to stick with! I felt like I had tonnes of energy. The best part for me was that it seemed to eliminate cravings for bad stuff – like sugars and chocolate! I am awaiting my next 30-day nutritional cleanse and am excited to get started with a great group of supportive people!

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