Graces 4th Birthday – Princess/Superhero styles

Hey everyone!!

Okay so it has taken me way way too long to write this post.
On January 25th Purdy Girls did another birthday party and we had so much fun doing it! All the boys we’re dressed as superheroes and all the girls were dressed as Princesses we did the usual loot bags so in the girls they had their tutus and head pieces and the boys had capes with their initial on it as well as a mask these were provided by the lovely Ang at Princess TuTus .

We painted nails, played pin the tutu/mask on the princess (where we had a huge picture of the birthday girl and they had to tape it on her), we did some crafts as well. Overall it was a great time and I am so glad we were asked to do it!

Photos were obviously taken by my amazing cousin/partner Mia Purdy

I hope you guys enjoy the photos of her day as much as we do!

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