Farmer Chris Soules Visits Ontario!!!

Hey everyone!!

It has been way too long since I have posted and i am extremely far behind!!  Since I have last posted I have had a gorgeous baby girl who is now over a year old!!!!

But I am back and going to try and catch up on all the work I have done!

So let’s start off with this one!  I had the pleasure of doing my favourite bachelors make up…yes Chris Soules!!  There are very few people i have met in this life who are as nice and humble as he is.  I wish him and his family the best of luck with their family farm as well as everything else in life.

I got to hang out with Chris as he was here visiting grain farmer Daryl Haanstra and his family at Twenty View Farms, just outside of Hamilton. Darryl showed Chris around the farm and had a few interviews a long the way!  It was so neat to watch them speaking about farming and spending a day on this gorgeous farm

The next day was a quick day I met Chris at the hotel did his make up and he was off to a day of interviews and I was off for a nap!  He appeared on the Breakfast Television as well as the social on top of others.  Please check out the video of Chris speaking about his passion of farming.

Here is his interview on BT



Below are some other links where you can watch Chris Shine as he talks about farming and his life.

Global news

The Social


CP 24



To read more please visit The good in Every Grain

Again I am so honoured to work with such a fabulous person.

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