Lips Lips Lips

It’s been a long time since I have done any reviews so I thought I’ll start them up again; even if people don’t read them at least it will help me remember all the different products i’ve tried and why I do or don’t like them!!

Anyone have a hard time finding that perfect lipstick?!?!  Lately I have tried some lipstick brands which I have not tried as I tend to stick to the ones I really like such as Stila, MAC (just like the feel of the MAC ones but aren’t my favourite), MUFE and Nars.

Lately I thought why not try cover girl for once b/c man those Katy Perry colours look unreal!!  So while the colours are unreal the lipsticks def were not my favourite.  Even though they say “MATTE” in capital letters on the package they are not matte which is honestly fine with me because I do like a more creamy texture.


They glide on nicely and the pigment is amazing; however I find with some of the colours you def have to layer it a bit more than usual as they show up a bit patchy and I found once they settle into your lips your lips just start to feel more dry the longer you wear them and they wear off quickly besides the outer part of your lips.  Overall they are just about 9.00 per lipstick which is a great price however I’d rather pay the extra $20 and get one that I am happy with and that does not become bally. Hard to stay away from those gorgeous colours though that is one thing i will give them 5 stars about!!



Okay so I have tried several products from smashbox and I have liked most of them; however I’m not positive on their lipsticks!   Again the pigments are great and when I first put it on I thought this could be my next favourite lipstick brand, they glide on really smooth and they  just felt really nice!  However as the day went on and I would look in the mirror it would fade with the ring around your lips; basically looked like I was wearing lipliner and didn’t fill in the rest of my lips!!  I will try the ones I bought again in hopes that my lips were just having a very bad day and will follow up on them!




Urban Decay

Okay so not only did these guys switch up their packaging (which I love and I don’t get how ppl can say they don’t love it)  they also switched up their formula as well!   I can say right now these are my favourites and I need to get some of the bolder colours!   While these are not moisturizing they are not drying either.  They do not settle into the lines of your lips, the dry patches you may have . The first application does not glide on as smoothly at first but it’s just the first time you use it, after that they glide on wonderfully!  They last quite a long time and they continue to feel smooth; like you don’t have anything on at all.  I highly recommend trying out the new lip lines from them as I do not have anything bad to say!!!


Now you tell me what are YOUR favourite/least favourite lipsticks and why?!?!


One thought on “Lips Lips Lips

  1. Yes, yes, YES!!! Makeup reviews are great go-tos but coming from you, my trusted expert, they are outstanding!!! I, too, am a MAC fan when it comes to lips. Their new intensity lipsticks are super creamy next to their regular ones (depending what you’re going for that day) and come in a few solid colours. I like to know there is a good backup though so I’m going to try Urban Decay next! Thanks for your lip-tastic review, Doll! 👄👌🏼

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