It’s Go Time

So we got to the hospital and got hooked up to the machines and was being monitored. They check me and I’m only 1cm dilated…how is this possible?? I never had this much pain the first time..these contractions were awful!  They gave me morphine yes it made me tired but man that pain didn’t leave!  Hour and a half later they come and check on me they were about to send me home and I said i’m not ready to go home yet I’m in such pain, they check me and I am now 7-8 cm dilated!!  In I go to the delivery room it is about 6:15am and my OB starts at 6:30 she walked in just laughing saying she didn’t see this coming..I think she’s lying and she did a sweep b/c man it hurt at that appointment

The nurse asked me if I wanted an epidural I must have looked at her like she had 2 heads…yes I want a fucking epidural are you batshit crazy?!?! She said you’ve gone this long and you’re doing so well so I thought I would ask and hopefully we can get them up in time.  Good for them I was able to get it cause these contractions were worse than with Hayden but maybe that’s b/c I was masked with drugs due to being induced I’m not sure  The epidural went a lot better this time was much better; quick and painless no misses!

Now this is where you are all going to hate me again…b/c again I’m that bitch that pushed 3 times and there he was in 8 minutes just like his sister; our rainbow baby Hunter and what a handsome man he was!

Hayden was the best big sister right off of the bat!  She stood beside her new brother starring with love eyes and singing nursery rhymes to really melted all of our hearts.  This time we only stayed in the hospital for one night and then it was home time…

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