My First Pregnancy

So lets do a bit of backdating :  The First Labour11954674_10153621341217495_4390377358326634520_n

Pregnancy is a horrible 10 months that you can’t wait to be over.  You are exhausted, your body hurts and for the lucky ppl like me you are sick constantly.  My skin was a disaster; I mean I had pimples in places I’ve never had them before like my BACK, it was itchy and well I wasn’t one of those people that had a “cute bump” I was a whale but hey it’s worth it they kept saying, it gets better they kept saying.

Fast forward to my delivery day to be honest I had a great delivery I mean I was so drugged up as I had the oxytocin, the epidural and Gravol


going through me since I couldn’t stop throwing up,  When the head was coming out I got asked by my OB do you want to touch the head?  In my mind I was saying hell no I don’t want to touch a head that is coming out of my vagina but I didn’t want to be rude either so I took a deep breath, I leaned forward and touched the head and went back to pushing.  That beautiful baby was born quickly and watching my partner with our gorgeous baby girl i thought they were right it is all worth it!  FYI my labour was great I mean I did have a lot of drugs but it was great i pushed 3 times she was born in 8 minutes can’t really get any better than that!  I did have a post pardum hemorrhage but the drs were so amazing I didn’t know anything was wrong and they kept me in the hospital a little longer than usual just to watch it.

The shit they don’t tell you about having a baby is the Aftermath of having the baby!!  it is true that after you deliver you will never be as close to your partner as you are now!  I will never forget standing there and blood literally hitting the floor, loving those frozen pads that you wear at the hospital along with those huge diapers I mean i def put a few in my bag so I’d have them at home!  And that squirt bottle you have to take when you go to the washroom b/c you have to avoid infection and plus it would hurt so much to wipe normally lol.

What about the fact that now you pee yourself when you sneeze, laugh, cough, jump, run, etc??  That’s always fun!!

But I can honestly say through all the bad it really is 1000 times over worth it!!  Nothing in this world is better than being a mommy!!  And I remembered thinking after it was all over hey I can do this again!! 

There is light at the end of the tunnel so enjoy being pregnant, get all the sleep you can get and when that little one is born soak up as much cuddles as you possibly can b/c man they grow so quickly!!

I will never forget when I first saw her or when we first brought her home and all of the cuddles we got from her she has grown up so quickly and she is such a beautiful little girl inside and out.   Life as we knew it had changed and it was for the better!  There are obviously struggles but every single one is worth it!!


photos on this page are done by my very talented cousin you by mia

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