Reno of our Entry way

Okay so I’m a bit obsessed with the new Entryway I did…it feels good to say I did it and didn’t hire someone!!   Our entry wall is pretty big 15.5 feet long so it took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to do.

My girlfriend from work who is amazing helped me put my dream entry into real life!

One Sunday she came over, we did the measuring of the wall, she cut all the wood (i’m terrified to use one of those things lol) .  I have to say the math wasn’t really our strong suit but man it turned out amazing!!  I borrowed a Nail gun from a friend and we went to town putting the boards up.  These pics below are of the before and after we got the boards up.

That was it for that day!   I waited a few days as it’s not so easy to do things with these 2 crazy trains H&H.   I went to home depot got some caulking and some filler for the nail holes and where the boards meet.  I’ve never done this before it was soothing/exciting!
I got a nice eggshell white and painted that section of the wall and it was all starting to come together!

I bought some kick ass hooks from amazon , I found an amazing 6 foot church pew (from a church in Toronto) on varage sale for an awesome deal, and I picked these kick ass peel and stick tiles  by #wallpop, picked up my picture frames from Michaels and printed black and white pictures of our family and It was all coming together!  I also decided to paint the door black to add a bit more contrast.  I’m not going to lie when I started painting the door I was thinking oh shit my moms right I should have left it white but the 2nd coat got on and I was in love!

The floor tiles were so amazing, you literally peel and stick, of course you have to cut some pieces which was a challenge for me b/c I suck at cutting straight but they turned out awesome and I am super proud of it!  Still have some things to fix/finish but check it out let me know what you think because I am love! Now to get that wood flooring in!

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