Drunk tired without being drunk?!?!

Ah so part of my issue lately is feeling that drunk tired…or that pregnancy tired however I’m clearly not drunk 24/7 and with everything happening I am def not pregnant!!

I went for my follow up with my kick ass naturopath this past Saturday and it’s clear..it’s not my emotional state, it’s not in my head (you are always worried it’s in your head right?!) I am low on a bunch of shit!

So on top of being insanely deficient  in Vitamin D I am also B12 and Iron deficient; among other things but these 3 are the main ones.  So no wonder why I am always exhausted, always umm….well let’s say snippy.  So I had my first B12 shot Saturday and I will continue getting them once a week for at least the next 6 weeks, I have gotten some iron pills, my Vitamin D drops and an amazing natural prenatal which has everything in it and will help boast me up in everything.  As a result we shall do this for 3 months then retest and see if my levels are up and she recommends not trying for our third until this happens.  But my mind is confused now if I want a third but either way at least I am getting my health back in check and can go from there right ?!?!

It’s nice to have some answers and know a little bit about what’s going on in my body, I don’t feel crazy anymore there’s actual reasoning for me feeling like this annd there is reasoning behind my miscarriages. I had 0 idea that being deficient in vitamin D was linked to miscarriage…did you?!?!

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