30, 626 photos

Have you guys gone to the pop up “Happy Place” yet?!?!

I have to say it’s pretty cool if you’re one of those ppl where all you care about is getting cool pics.   I also have to say that I am a picture whore!!! I love pictures, the more pictures I have the better, the cooler the pics can be the better..I love pics so much that I have 30, 626 photos on my Iphone and I have to say I really did not like being at this place!

I should have listened to my one friend…she’s very honest like me but I didn’t because it got soo much hype.  It’s probably cool for older kids I guess but us with our 4 year old and our 2 year old (who I don’t like to take anywhere..shhhh) it was more of an unhappy place than anything!  You literally go there, stand in a line, take a pic….go to the next part stand in a line take a pic…and you feel rushed b/c there is so many ppl behind you and you don’t want to hold all these ppl up to get the photo you know you could get.

Hayden was fine (our 4 year old), Hunter well he’s a whole other story..he just screamed and hit me the entire time  b/c he just wanted to go and do his thang.
But a bit about Hunter he’s legit the happiest kid at home, you take him out and it’s like something/someone has possessed the child, so maybe it was a bad call on my behalf.  Not to mention yes it is free for kids 4 and under, however it cost Myself and my husband 85$ to stand in lines for an hour!! It’s def not something I would recommend for young ones and def something I would never go to again!

I have heard ppl have loved it and have had amazing experiences, maybe we went the wrong day as I have yet to hear a negative thing about it besides from my good trusted friend who I will make sure I listen to no matter what.  I think sometimes you just have to go see it to believe it and to make sure you didn’t miss out on something awesome..well I could have dealt without it.

What are your thoughts about it ?!?!

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