“Bad Dreams, Bad Dreams go away. Good Dreams, Good Dreams here to stay”

Little girls dreams should be made up of princesses, fairies, unicorns and anything that makes them happy/laugh, not terrors or nightmares.

I am lucky as she does sleep and some mommas out there don’t get any sleep what so ever so don’t take this as a complaining post…this is a simple how do I help her post?!?!

She used to do creepy things in her sleep; for example:  I would be downstairs while she was sleeping and hear her screaming at the top of her lungs as if something really horrible happened, I would first look at the camera (we have the Nest set up in their rooms) and I would see her standing beside her bed screaming at the wall, then I would run up my stairs as fast as I could (seriously though like superhero speed) and she would be fast asleep in her bed..honestly like she was possessed I can’t even explain how terrifying it would be.

She grew out of it or so we thought..she would have her little slip up where she’s screaming for us in her room but wasn’t like a “demon” took over her or anything like before and she didn’t need us to lay down beside her just needed to know we were there if she needed us.

Now she is back..I wouldn’t say the “demon” is back but she hasn’t slept through the night in months, she needs us to lay beside her until she falls asleep, if she wakes up and we are not there she screams/cries for us in a panic, she also tends to scream in her sleep as well. She “tiptoes really quietly into our room not to wake us up”  but then 10 minutes later I am being pushed off the bed b/c she loves to sleep on top of me.

Now while I don’t mind the cuddles at night time;  I’m not one to say my child will never sleep in my bed (and there’s nothing wrong with that if you are), I am just that mom that keeps thinking if this is what soothes her to sleep through the night then by all means and well let’s be honest they aren’t going to want to snuggle mommy and daddy forever so I welcome the snuggles.  However I feel awful for this little girl who is clearly having either night terrors or some not so nice dreams, I wish I could just wish them away for her and they would be gone because it literally breaks my heart seeing her wake up in a panic or seeing her panic in her sleep…sometimes it’s not even english when she’s speaking.

I mean to be honest I talked in my sleep a lot too and I’m pretty sure I still do sometimes (A little bit scary to have no idea what you said in the morning but hey whatever).  When I was younger we did competitive sprint racing kayaking/canoeing, our coach was staying with us in the hotel room and I apparently sat straight up, started talking clearer than day but it was not in english (maybe it’s hereditary haha).  Another time was when I was older and I spoke in my sleep to a guy that was on the top bunk beside my bunk in Australia…I believe I spoke to him about the sky and then hotdogs (just a bit embarrassing)!
I’m not sure what will help her with this but we are trying.  I have finally ordered some essential oils, I got some help  with them from an awesome fellow mom whom I met on Instagram, she told with what oils to use in order to help her get a better night sleep and I have started reading about what mixtures have helped others with this as well.  I can not wait to get them and try them to see if this will work for her.  Her room and her sleep should be a safe place and I just want to get it back to that for her!  Also We have cut any screen time before bed in hopes this will help as well.  and please if you have any other tips comment and let me know b/c it is not easy to see your little one so sad and panicked

I will let you guys know how it goes with the oils once I have them!

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