Please don’t let this jinx it

Okay guys it’s a miracle!

If you follow me on instagram you probably saw that I got my set of oils from doterra this week.
I was so excited to try them for Hayden, not for the reason of sleeping on her own but for the simple fact that I can’t watch her wake up screaming and crying anymore.  She has been waking up multiple times a night for the past few months in a panic.

If you don’t have experience with night terrors they are horrible, it’s awful to see your little one in a panic crying/screaming when they are just trying to sleep.  This is a little bit about them:  Night terror, also known as sleep terror, is a sleep disorder, causing feelings of terror or dread, and typically occurs during the first hours of stage 3–4 non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep. Sleepterrors begin in children between the ages of 3 and 12, and usually stop during adolescence.

Last night I bathed the kids with a few drops of lavender oil to help wind them down a bit before bed as they wind eachother up every night before bed.  Hunter went down right away and slept through the night with no issues.

For Hayden I put the diffuser in her room; I put 4 drops of Juniper (a natural calming and grounding fragrance) with a drop of lavender.  I put the light on the diffuser and I set it for the longest period of time which was 4 hours.  She was in awe of the diffuser and loved the smell of it.  The light worked as a night light for her which I think also helps a bit.

But guess what??? Last night was the first night in a long time I got to sneak out of her room early when she fell asleep and she didn’t wake up right away screaming because we weren’t there, it was the first night in a long time that she didn’t wake up at all through the night in a panic.  She did come into our room at one point but we have no idea when she crawled into our bed so she must have been super quiet which means no tears!

I swear if that diffuser was on all night she wouldn’t have got out of bed at all!

I am really hoping in writing this that I am not jinxing it and that it continues on being like this and better as right now I am in awe of the amazing sleep we all got.

In the morning I said Hayden it looks like you got a better sleep last night and she said “It was the oils momma” and then she dragged daddy to go look at the diffuser and “smell her room” .

She made me put oils on down in the kitchen while she was having breakfast and getting ready for school so she could smell and daddy could smell.  I put a few drops of wild orange in the diffuser and our whole downstairs smells soo nice.  I came in from dropping Hayden off for school and it just smelt so fresh.

I think i am officially fully in love with these oils and I wish I tried them sooner when I first wanted to!

Let’s hope this is the end of night terrors for our little girl and that I didn’t just jinx it!!

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