My DIY PowderRoom Reno!!

Hey guys!!


Okay so two days in a row of writing…crazy right??

However I just got the finishing touch to my bathroom reno because Schlage is amazing and sent me a stunning door knob that i’m actually a little bit obsessed with!  It’s crazy what a difference just one door knob makes!


So months and months ago my amazingly talented girlfriend Patrica came over and helped me do my powder room, she has taught me a lot this friend of mine and i’m so so appreciative of her!

Our powder room was pretty boring and I had a pretty amazing vision (well at least I think it was amazing lol) of course pintrest boards helped me along the way as well!

So we found a cheaper way of doing shiplap (after I talked to another gf of mine she gave me some ideas)  we got those big sheets of MDF boards and got them ripped into the widths that we wanted (if you are a Durham person Peacock Lumber is amazing) and then we of course had to do the cutting of the lengths as we went along.  Patricia she does the saw, they terrify me I’m not going to lie, I do some measurements but sometimes I mess them up (if I’m being honest of course..not everyones perfect right?).  My neighbour lent me his table saw as well as his nail gun and compressor, we figured out the spacing and we went to town with that nail gun!  After all said and done the shiplap was up and ready to be painted.

I will be honest I didn’t really LOVE painting it and getting in all the cracks and that but hey it’s how it turns out that matters right?  The Floors guys are PEEL AND STICK vinyl tiles and  well I love them and have them at my front door as well!  IMG_7107

Alright so back to my amazing door knobs – guys when I opened the box and saw all the different parts I’m not going to lie I was worried for myself haha..but it turns out it is soo super easy to do and I was done it in about 20-30 mins tops!  Schlage has amazing instructions and on the instruction booklet is a barcode you can scan on your phone and a step by step video comes up, it was amazing and it made it so so easy for me to put up!

Here’s a little snap of a before/after photo of my door knobs (there is no comparison)!! Schlage for the win for sure!!!  I was worried b/c it’s not something that would usually catch my eye but the love i have for these knobs is a bit worrisome  haha.

So here you go guys you get my final bathroom reveal (before photos are at the end b/c well they aren’t as attractive!):

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