“I Like Warm Hugs”

Are you feeling anxious lately with everything going on in the world lately?

It is a completely understandable feeling right now, my answer would be yes. I mean, I’m stuck in the house with 2 amazing but crazy children and a puppy that is non-stop! There are moments when I want to just put earphones on and curl up under my weighted blanket in my little world. Don’t get me wrong if I am stuck inside I am super happy I have them with me, as they are the best and I love them to bits but sometimes we just need our quiet time too!

I have always wanted to try a weighted blanket and it completely passed my expectations! For those that haven’t tried it before, it feels like a warm cozy hug! I could sleep forever with it on and apparently, my husband can too because I keep catching him stealing it! 

So you can imagine that when I received my weighted blanket from Dream Hug Canada at this time, I was ecstatic. It honestly makes a world of difference with all of the emotions I am having lately – and those sleepless nights where my brain just won’t stop, this has made it so much better and I can sleep through the night! 

We could all use a little bit of extra comfort these days, am I right?


This blanket helps lower your anxious feelings and makes you wake up so refreshed and relaxed.

Here are some things weighted blankets can help you with:

Improve Anxiety – Def works for me

Improve Mood – If I sleep more, my mood is better so yep this is a check!

Improve Sleep – Def has helped mine

Help Alleviate Restless Leg Syndrome – I do not have them but I can understand how it would work!

Combats Stress – Def has helped me with this too!

This blanket comes in two pieces, there are ties on the inside to hold the pieces together and it’s super easy to do. When you want to wash it, you just undo the ties and put it in the wash!

If you have yet to try a weighted blanket, head to Dream Hug Canada and use the code erica50 to get $50 off of your purchase!

Now I must go cuddle up!

Check out the photos – even my puppy tries to steal it if I leave my spot!

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