Updating your Home Decor?

Have you been updating your home during this time?

Let’s first start by telling you what the fabulous Improve Canada is all about! Improve Canada is the LARGEST home improvement Centre, with over 350 designer and home improvement showrooms under one roof. From Kitchens to bathrooms, lighting to flooring, designers/contractors and more!

Sounds a bit overwhelming? Don’t worry, there are maps everywhere, including handheld ones, plus their staff is helpful and will be there whenever you need anything!

Over the next little while, I will be sharing some of their beautiful showrooms; I’m so excited to do so!

First, stop, beautiful Zenporium! I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely love wood pieces, so naturally, I fell in love with this showroom!

I have to tell you, I loved this stop and I learned so much. Beauty really is everywhere we turn! They have everything; chairs, benches, serve-ware, tree sculptures, bowls & vases, lighting, decor, you name it, they have it!

Zenporium is a small Toronto based business; they specialize in rustic, modern, eco-friendly and mod teak designs. Their wood pieces – made of guilt-free wood; they ensure that their materials are salvaged, reclaimed or responsibly harvested.

While they had many stunning pieces, the ones I couldn’t take my eyes off of – made of salvaged fishing trawlers ( is a commercial fishing vessel designed to operate fishing trawls. Trawling is a type of fishing that involves actively dragging or pulling a trawl through the water behind one or more trawlers. Trawls are fishing nets pulled along the bottom or midwater of the sea at a specified depth.) Fishermen in small villages along the tropics take great pride in their trawlers, decorating them with brilliant colour schemes and local designs. Old trawlers would be burned, beached, or sunk in the ocean depth. Recently, however, creative artisans began salvaging the high-quality teak wood from retired trawlers to build furniture.

Check out how stunning they look:

Guys, their tree sculptures blew me away too – originate from COFFEE bean and tea leaf plantations in Indonesia; it was so interesting to hear all about them! Once the plantations are ready to plant new trees, the old ones are uprooted and retrieved by local artisans who then make their beautiful masterpieces!

I could go on and on about this beautiful showcase as I was really in love with how artistic and stunning their pieces are, while my photos do not do it justice, I will let them do the rest of the speaking!

If you are looking for beautiful wood pieces, I highly suggest you go to Improve and check Zenporium out, you will not be disappointed, that is for sure!

4 thoughts on “Updating your Home Decor?

  1. Erica your home is seriously been such an amazing transformation and I love following along your journey. Can’t wait to see more ♡

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