Spring Renos in Lockdown?!

Hello, my Ontario friends; lockdown #3? If you are anything like me, staying at home makes you see ALL of the things that need to get done. I know the list of my projects keeps growing and growing.

We may be on lockdown but don’t forget that Improve Canada is ready to help you with all your renovation needs!

Improve is open by appointment only, limiting the number of people inside at all times. They are extremely safe with the new COVID restrictions; it was a delight to look around. The concierge service is AMAZING; they book your appointments and will help find you the right vendors!

Springtime brings means cleaning, decluttering and organizing; which ultimately means projects, projects, projects

Improve Canada gave me so many good ideas when I was there a few months ago; I can’t wait to get back there to get even more ideas and pick up a few things!

Are you planning a home renovation?

A few things I like to do while planning to keep things a bit more orgaznized:

I always have a vision of what kind of feel I want the room to have; light & airy, farmhouse style, modern, cozy, contemporary etc.

I will also sometimes look at Pinterest if i’m second guessing myself to try and find things that go with my vision.

Now time to make a list of what I need! I literally write everything down, ideas, things to purchase, things I can do myself, things I need to hire someone to do etc.

I break things down like:

Lighting and Decor
Fixtures and Hardware

Improve Canada has ALL of this, so i’m going to show you what I found that I would love in our Master!

I fell in love with the lights in the Tubicen showroom (Unit 282, 283) – Check out these reading lights that I think would look amazing beside our bed. How cute are they??

Art De Vie Renovation has so many options to choose from; they have everything from carpets, laminate, hardwood and vinyl. Not sure if it will match your area? They are more than happy to give you some samples to bring home to see if it’s a good match for your home. I am a vinyl gal now and they had such beautiful ones to pick from.


I am sure you all heard me rave about Zenporium; I love their stuff, their blanket ladder is to die for and would look good in any room, same with their beautiful benches.

But seriously, how cute would this blanket ladder look in your bedroom beside a fireplace?

The amount of gorgeous items in Canaroma’s Showroom (Unit 232/249) is just unbelievable. I have already picked out my bath for when it’s time for the freestanding tub I’ve been dreaming about! They have everything from bathtubs, showers, hardware, vanities etc.

Ion has a showroom there as well; I feel in love with this chair – it would look so cozy in the corner of our room!

These are just some of the items from only a few of their showrooms!

So what are you waiting for??

Get your list ready and go make your appointments at Improve Canada – you will not be disappointed!

Let me know how you organize your projects

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