Are you addicted to renovating like I am?

Ever look at a part of your house and think – “that’s it, I can’t stand it anymore – it needs a makeover!”?

If I’m honest; I do this all the time; I drive my husband crazy; I can admit it.

First, it’s the entryway, then the powder room, the floors, the sitting room, the laundry room (that I have yet to finish and it’s been over a year (COVID got me slackin’), the basement, the front porch – next job the kitchen, it honestly never ends. The ideas keep flowing, the Pinterest obsession gets worse; vicious but fun cycle!

It’s hard to do renovations right now; prices of materials are crazy, it’s hard to find what you want and to top it off, it is hard to find good, reliable help!

Going to Improve Canada was just the trip I needed to do, not only do they have everything you need in one spot, they are so eager to help, they give amazing advice, guys, it’s like the real-life version of Pinterest!

If you are thinking of doing some home renovations; whether you know what you want to do; or have no clue what you want, it does not matter; head to Improve Canada; they will be more than happy to make your dream space come true.

Improve Canada has about 400 showrooms for you to look at, get ideas from and get advice from professionals that love what they do!

Now: I want to know what you are working on; if you are local; have been to Improve Canada yet. If you haven’t been, what are you waiting for?

Call them, ask them whatever questions you may have and then go check out the beautiful showrooms they have!

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