Flexitol’s amazing Happy Little Bodies Products!

Hey guys,


This post is long due but I wanted to make sure I test it out for a long enough time so I could report back!

My little guy Hunter has sensitive skin – while he doesn’t have huge eczema break outs he constantly has the bumps on his arms and legs – almost like a rash that never leaves.

I never found anything that helps that go down until I got these amazing products sent to me to try!  Let me tell you they really have done a great job!  Hunters bumps are almost non existent!!


We put this cream on him after his baths with their amazing body wash and shampoo.

These products are made with natural ingredients, no steroids, no parabens, no artificial fragrances or colours!!  

I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with these products, I couldn’t have asked for anything better and if you have a babe with sensitive, dry skin or eczema then these are 100% the products for you.
Here’s a little break down of the ones I got to test out and LOVE!!  Click on the titles and it will bring you to the page for more info on them 🙂 

Eczema Moisturizing Lotion:


This cream is amazing and it is what we put on Hunter after his baths.  It is formulated with natural ingredients.  It helps to provide relief  from skin irritation, itching, flaking and dryness due to eczema flare-ups. It is made up of F Calendula officinalis and Peppermint oil, it also contains 5% colloidal oatmeal, which is known to help relieve itching and scratchy rashes, minor skin irritations, reduce redness and soothes dry patches.

Eczema Body Wash and Shampoo:


Well we def love this and need to order more ASAP!!!  It is hard to find a body wash that will not only make their dryness/eczema worse but will actually protect it and provide some kind of relief!  Now again Hunter does not have bad eczema but his little skin is really sensitive and Felxitol’s Happy Little Bodies Wash and Shampoo temporarily protects and helps relieve minor skin irritations and itching due to rashes, eczema even supposed to help with poison ivy, insect bites among others.  It did not hurt our kids eyes and again it’s NATURAL!!!  Contains 1% colloidal oatmeal that’s meant to smooth the skin and can be used as wash on its own but it will also provide some bubbles as well!!

Eczema Relief Cream

Okay so I have yet to try this one as Hunter hasn’t had any “flair ups” but i suspect it is just as amazing as the other products!  This is again made with Natural ingredients and will provide relief right away.  It is a gentle formula and meant to ease the symptoms!


If you have not been able to find relief for your little one or something that will work with their sensitive/eczema skin then please check out this company as there products truly work wonders and I think you would be really pleased with them!


Also see that cute little kola???  It folds out into a bag and we just love it!



Mix and match Organic Toddler socks?!?!?!

Okay guys it’s been awhile however I have a new obsession so I thought I would share it with you!!

I was so lucky to have been able to try Q for Quinn organic socks and I am in love!!  Okay soo I am def one that always blames the dryer for “eating our socks”…like seriously though where do they go???  This is part of the reason why I love Q for Quinn, you don’t have to scramble trying to find a pair that match  perfectly (like who has time for that – we always leave the house with 2 different pairs on over here) they are MIX and MATCH – legit you can have 3 pairs of socks and it gives you 9 possibilities so that when you don’t match you still match, it’s seriously genius esp for us mommas!!

They are amazing quality organic cotton with seamless toes and  unreal fool proof rubber grips (for max anti – slip) so if you have crazy little humans like I do who run all over the place they will be good!!

Also lets talk about the insanely cute book written by the founder of Q for Quinn (Melita).  It’s called Quinn’s socks and we love it!  It’s so fun to read with the kids as it’s a rhyming story about a little boy and his socks and about all the the different styles and patterns!

Okay there’s one more thing about this amazing company – they give back!!!  When you buy 1 pair of socks (bet you cant just buy one), 1 school meal is donated they use Mary’s Meals.  Click on the link to learn more about Mary’s Meals – def sounds amazing to me and I can’t wait to help out!

I can’t wait to see Q for Quinn’s new tights collection; they def have my attention!!


Hey guys,

So it’s been awhile since I’ve written…been concentrating on getting this house organized and if any of you know me that is going to take an extremely long time!!!

I’ve been wanting to try the company LOVEFRESH for a long time now.  My children both have sensitive skin..more my 2 year old than my 4 year old.  He has a bit of eczema on his face, always has diaper rash/red bum so I wanted to go with something as natural as possible.

So when I needed more stuff for the kiddos I decided to give LOVEFRESH a go.  Their products are full of essential oils, coconut oil as well as other healthy ingredients..plus I loved that they are made in Toronto.

I bought 3 things from their line for my littles Click the names to learn whats in the products:

Baby Lotion –  I have been using this on my little mans dry, chapping, red face and I have already seen a significant difference within a very short period of time.  His face is not as chapped or red anymore and the main thing it doesn’t look sore.  I also loved this one b/c a lot of lotions have been hurting his face when you put it on, but with this one he does not wince at all.  I also put it on both of their bodies after baths and it makes their skin back to baby soft all over again

Baby Bottom Butter  – This is a very thick zinc based cream (think coco butter thickness but so much better for them).   I have putting this on my little ones bum every time I change him and there is a huge difference in his little butt..he now is not crying when I have to change him and I can tell it’s very soothing for him.  I would show a before and after photo but I just don’t think that would be appropriate and he may not be happy with me when he gets older!

Baby Wash – This is an awesome product!!  Not only is it a body wash for your littles it is also a shampoo and can be used as a bubble bath as well.  I will say that the bubble bath isn’t like the normal ones where it’s full of massive bubbles but it does the trick and it’s better for them!  I used the shampoo on both of them but mainly for my girls extremely long hair (One day she will let me cut it haha).  Her hair was so soft after we blowdried it and it smelt so nice…it’s not scented but it’s oils and the extracts mixed together.

I am extremely happy that I finally took the plunge and tried this company as I truly think it is a good fit for my kiddos and anyone else’s for that matter!


Also just so that my readers know;  I am in no way affiliated with the company, I just like to share the amazing things I find along with the shitty things that you shouldn’t waste your money on!  These three products though are worth every penny…can’t wait to try some of their household products out!!


Time to Review some Nars

Okay so I know Nars is one of the top cosmetic brands around and I can honestly say I know why!  I absolutely love their line.  I mean like everything there are some flaws but my skin is also a little bit tricky!!


I have a few things that I will review in this blog; no need having multiple ones about the same company when I can do a few of them in one!

First up their ALL DAY luminous Weightless Foundation


What Nars says about their product:

Full, natural-looking coverage with unexpectedly weightless, 16-hour wear. Highly pigmented and perfectly balanced, this breakthrough formula builds and blends effortlessly with just one drop—the result of exclusive innovation uniquely designed to deliver long-wearing full coverage, weightlessly. Shake, pump and blend in sections for complete coverage that’s completely natural looking.

What my experience with the product is:

I will def say that this foundation CAN be a full coverage and it is a pretty weightless foundation, I would say that it is more medium but you can build it to be full.  It says you only need one pump but to get the coverage that I like it is more like 2-3 pumps.  People say it looks better when you apply it with your fingers however I am not one that likes to apply foundation with my hands unless I forget a brush and I am out somewhere and need a quick fix.  I find it very easy to blend with a brush and it looks amazing!!

I don’t find that it gives my skin type a big glow but it’s not completely matte either it’s a good level of both.  I find when I first put it on it looks amazing but with my skin type it does wear off I mean there is NO WAY I could get 16 hours of one application, I would say about half of that before you think maybe I need to touch it up a bit.

All in all I really do like this foundation, it really does feel light weight and makes you forget that you are wearing any makeup which is exactly the type of foundation I like! Right now my skin is super dry thanks to a combination of this beautiful winter and the new born I have so right now it is not ideal for my skin.  I have found this product does stick to prominent dry patches, but if your dry skin issues are only minor,  you won’t find it too bad as long as you have a decent moisturizer underneath. If you like quick and easy this is your bestfriend!

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer


LOVE LOVE LOVE!!  This is my to go to concealer; it has a wide range of colours and I would be shocked if you can’t find your shade!

What Nars says:

Coveted by artists for its luxurious texture and luminous finish, new Radiant Creamy Concealer evens skin with lightweight medium to high buildable coverage. Enriched with hydrating, multi-action skincare benefits and light diffusing technology, it creates a softer, smoother complexion while instantly obscuring imperfections and diminishing fine lines and signs of fatigue.

What my experience is with it:

I absolutely love it!!  It covers up my mom bags perfectly; I don’t know what I would do without it!!  It is very easy to work with..now concealer is the one product I like to put on with my fingers as I find the heat of our fingers helps it to settle better!

I will say although it is creamy it is not exactly moisturizing so if you are very dry under your eyes it may not be the best one for you! It is a thin texture so it for the most part does not stick/crease to your lines.  It provides med – full coverage but if you wish to sheer it out a bit it is very easy to do just add a little bit of your moisturizer to it and you are good to go!

I also prime my eyes with it sometimes and it works wonderfully; really helps the true pigment of your shadow show!!

If you have not yet tried this I really recommend you go out now and purchase it!





Aveda Intensive Hydrating Masque

Alright there will probably be a few Aveda reviews as I have just started to use their skin care products over the last couple of months.   Working at Lavish Salon and Spa which is an Aveda salon I have completely switched my my skin care regime.

One of my favourite products that they have is the Aveda Intensive Hydrating Masque.  For someone with dry skin like myself it is an amazing product!  It does everything it says it will do.  Some things it is made to do are the following:
• soothes, cools and calms the skin’s surface
• increases skin’s moisture level
• leaves skin soft, smooth and healthy-looking

It instructs you to put it on a clean face and then apply and leave it on for a 10-20 minutes and rinse it off.   It smells nice and refreshing like most of Avedas products, it does feel a bit sticky however the end result is well worth the little bit of stickiness!

I sometimes will even sleep with it on and rinse it off in the morning. It really helps  your skin get through our rough Canadian winters!  It is very refreshing on your skin and leaves it feeling nice and soft!  This product is also amazing in the summer time;  put it in the fridge for an extra refreshing feeling!  I got a burn on my arm (straightener of course), I put this on and it immediately cooled it down and in fact helped it heal a little bit faster.

Another thing I love about Aveda’s products is that they are plant derived and my sensitive skin has yet to have a reaction to any of their products!

So if you have yet to try this product I def recommend it!!

Kat Von D’s Lock it Foundation

Hey everyone!  Again been a while I have lots to review so I will be around this week for sure!

So I was out of foundation (besides mixing colours together) so I thought I would finally see what all the hype is with Kat Von D’s Lock it Foundation.  Here are my thoughts

I totally understand why everyone loves it; I mean the coverage is amazing and a little goes a LONG way!!  That being said I’m actually not a fan of this foundation and would not purchase it again.   I say this because it simply does not work with my skin.  I don’t like to look like I am wearing a ton of make up and I find with my dry skin the foundation just sits on top of my face and makes it look even more dry than it already is.  I have mixed it with my cream and it still did not make a difference.  Maybe someone with oily skin would benefit more from this foundation but if you have dry my advice is stay away from it!!   Here’s another annoying thing about the foundation:  the packaging is gorgeous I can’t deny that but how many ppl have actually held on to that tiny plastic piece that goes into the hole where the foundation comes out?? Because I don’t even think mine lasted a day; I mean come on there has to be a better way to stop your foundation from leaking than s tiny plastic piece!!  Oh and the smell of it…I’m not going to lie it’s not a pretty smell!

If you do try this foundation it is pretty thick and full coverage be patient with the blending it will be worth it!!   If you have dry skin like myself def use a primer underneath it and sheer it out with some of your favourite moisturizer!

Also on the plus side if you have a hard time finding your colour foundation she does have a ton of shades available!


I would love to hear from people with more oily skin and how they liked this foundation as I feel like you would love it!

Lips Lips Lips

It’s been a long time since I have done any reviews so I thought I’ll start them up again; even if people don’t read them at least it will help me remember all the different products i’ve tried and why I do or don’t like them!!

Anyone have a hard time finding that perfect lipstick?!?!  Lately I have tried some lipstick brands which I have not tried as I tend to stick to the ones I really like such as Stila, MAC (just like the feel of the MAC ones but aren’t my favourite), MUFE and Nars.

Lately I thought why not try cover girl for once b/c man those Katy Perry colours look unreal!!  So while the colours are unreal the lipsticks def were not my favourite.  Even though they say “MATTE” in capital letters on the package they are not matte which is honestly fine with me because I do like a more creamy texture.


They glide on nicely and the pigment is amazing; however I find with some of the colours you def have to layer it a bit more than usual as they show up a bit patchy and I found once they settle into your lips your lips just start to feel more dry the longer you wear them and they wear off quickly besides the outer part of your lips.  Overall they are just about 9.00 per lipstick which is a great price however I’d rather pay the extra $20 and get one that I am happy with and that does not become bally. Hard to stay away from those gorgeous colours though that is one thing i will give them 5 stars about!!



Okay so I have tried several products from smashbox and I have liked most of them; however I’m not positive on their lipsticks!   Again the pigments are great and when I first put it on I thought this could be my next favourite lipstick brand, they glide on really smooth and they  just felt really nice!  However as the day went on and I would look in the mirror it would fade with the ring around your lips; basically looked like I was wearing lipliner and didn’t fill in the rest of my lips!!  I will try the ones I bought again in hopes that my lips were just having a very bad day and will follow up on them!




Urban Decay

Okay so not only did these guys switch up their packaging (which I love and I don’t get how ppl can say they don’t love it)  they also switched up their formula as well!   I can say right now these are my favourites and I need to get some of the bolder colours!   While these are not moisturizing they are not drying either.  They do not settle into the lines of your lips, the dry patches you may have . The first application does not glide on as smoothly at first but it’s just the first time you use it, after that they glide on wonderfully!  They last quite a long time and they continue to feel smooth; like you don’t have anything on at all.  I highly recommend trying out the new lip lines from them as I do not have anything bad to say!!!


Now you tell me what are YOUR favourite/least favourite lipsticks and why?!?!


Trying to get your feet summer ready??

Hey guys,

It has been a while since I have done a product review. Nail Polish Canada sent me a free product in the mail for me to review; it was the Gehwol Med Salve For Cracked Skin. This product was perfect for me because my feet were soo rough and cracked that I couldn’t even stand the feel of it on my sheets and nothing was working everything was a temporary fix so I was ready to try something new!

Here is a little bit about the product and Gehwol themselves: Gehwol specializes in foot care with products. They are based on a foundation of natural ingredients and essential oils. Whether your feet are tired, sore, cracked or odorous Gehwol has developed a solution. Founded in 1978 Gehwol has grown from Germany beginnings to become an internationally known brand featured in countless spas.

For cracked skin Gehwol has developed Med Salve formulated with a mix of soaps and oil that help protect rough and cracked skin against inflammation while working to restore skin elasticity.

My experience with this product is as follows:

The first time I used it I could tell I was going to like it; it does have a little bit of a medicine smell to it (but I don’t mind that I actually like that), the feeling of it on my feet was like putting that silk therapy product on my skin very smooth it is a touch greasy but I like that on my feet.
I put really soft and comfy socks on right after I put the cream on it (I don’t recommend you to go walk around barefoot on a carpet right after unless you want things to stick to your feet).

I noticed a difference in my feet just a couple of times trying the cream I put it on in the morning and at night before bed and within 2 weeks I noticed an incredible difference. I can now say because of this product I do not hear or feel the dryness on my sheets or see the cracks on my feet anymore.

I am very thankful they sent me this product to try as my feet have never felt so good!

IF you have tried this let me know what your thoughts are!

Vasanti Skin Care

Okay so back a few posts I pretty much said Vasanti primer did nothing for me and that I will never use it again; however that is not saying that some of their other products are not AMAZING

I have very sensitive skin and it is hard to find face washes and exfoliators that I like and don’t completely dry out my face or give me some kind of reaction

This is what Vasanti’s website says about their Detox face wash:


Our skin is assaulted every day with pollutants, impurities and makeup residue. Deep clean and detoxify without stripping away natural moisture to reveal healthier, brighter looking skin. A daily cleanse with gentle foaming Detox removes unwanted impurities that can clog pores and lead to a dull complexion.

Loaded with advanced active ingredients including omega 3 and 6, Detox also has anti-aging properties and helps to protect skin from further chemical and environmental pollutants to keep skin in optimal condition.

What I say: it is the best face wash I have ever tried it helps make my skin feel fresh and clean I actually tell a difference and my skin does not react badly to it at all. It does not clog my pores it makes my skin look brighter and healthier and I love the feel of my skin after I use it!

Now this is what their site says about their other amazing product brighten up:

Dramatically improve your skin’s texture to reveal softer, brighter and younger looking skin! Brightens with powerful papaya enzymes to give radiance, exfoliates with dermatologist grade micro-crystals and gently cleanses with aloe vera, coconut and panthenol.

Triple Action Formula:
1. Powerful papaya enzymes break down dead skin cells to help progressively smooth your skin’s surface and uncover a healthy radiant glow.
2. Dermatologist-grade Microderm Crystals at 25%, work to stimulate and exfoliate your skin to help smooth and reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars and blemishes. Many dermatologists use these same crystals for their microdermabrasion treatments.
3. Aloe vera, coconut, panthenol along with a mild cleansing gel keeps your skin hydrated and refreshed and helps soothe the skin during the exfoliation process

My review on it is that I have never found a better exfoliation wash for my face. It makes my face feel amazing and look even better! You are not use an exfoliator everyday; depending on your skin you are to use it 2-3 times a week. My trick with this is if I know I am going out somewhere and I want to look my best I exfoliate either the night before or the morning of and my make up looks 10 times better than it does usually. I highly recommend both of these products I do not have a bad thing to say about either of them besides I wish I had a life time supply!!!

Also try their Eye Wonder cream it feels unreal and helps with moisture around your eyes as well as it is supposed to help with the dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness I can say that it has helped me with moisture and puffiness but the rest will take some time to notice a difference and I do not have many wrinkles around my eyes yet.

Try them out let me know what you think. Most shopper drug marts will carry them so go now and try them!!!!

Bourjois Bourjois Bourjois

Alright so I have to say Bourjois has some new products out that I love and one new product that has an amazing idea and they were very smart with it however I can not stand it and would never recommend it to anyone!!!So lets do a review on 3 of the new products they have just launched

Lets start with the twist up the volume mascara. 
Okay so this mascara was something very very smart that the launched and I actually really enjoy it!  This mascara changes the brush with just a twist of the top; this is basically giving you two brushes with one mascara that will help to do different things to your lashes so that you have It all!  The orginial brush is designed to help with the lengthening  and definition of your lashes the brush head on it is long and your typical lengthing brush however with just the twist the brush turns into a shorter brush with tightly packed bristles which adds volume and plumps the lashes.  I can honestly say this one works it is very smart and works very well I can not see people hating this product I can see people loving it though! 

Now let’s talk about their new “amazing” erasable liquid eyeliner.
They were smart with the idea of having an eraser on a liner because we all know sometimes one eye looks completely perfect and the other eye well we won’t even say what that looks like!! It is good to have something to “erase” the mistakes however this is not the way to go. As much as I like their creativity I found this a horrible product (sorry Bourjois). First of all with this liner your finger does the same thing the eraser does just not as clean, this liner is not something that stays on especially if you itch your eyes or anything it will flake right off (yes flake). Also maybe my eyes are a little sensitive but a co-worker and I both tried it and we both had an allergic reaction to it I had to go and get drops for my eyes from the doctor to clear it up. This although smart idea was a huge fail for me. To fix your mistakes I would just use the pointy qutips and your favourite eye make up remover to help you out until they make this product better!!

For my last product review for the post their new Rouge Edition Lipsticks


Bourjois just launched 16 new Rouge edition lipsticks and I must say I love them!!! They feel silky and moisturizing they are highly pigmented and they last a long time on your lips. They have amazing shades one for everyone!! Right now my favourite one is 14 I can’t get enough of it and I get a lot of compliments on it. And it is not an expensive lipstick when you look at all of the other prestige brands so I def recommend heading to a shoppers soon and checking them out!!
morrismeshan (me in shade 14)

So far only one miss right now with the new Bourjois products. Let me know what you guys think of them!!