Okay so I am soo so beyond late on this one!!

The kiddos were so extremely lucky to have Zimpli Kids send them some of their goodies! We love some sensory fun!

Guys these are soo fun and while they look messy they really aren’t!  I mean of course there can be a little mess but where’s the fun if there isn’t?!?!

This turns your water into fun goo/slime…and what kid wouldn’t love that?!?  Gelli Baff and Slime Baff are amazing products for turing your bathtime into an even more fun time than it already is!  However you can use these in buckets outside or inside with some toys and have an amazing sensory journey!  Both products are 100% safe on skin, stain free, non toxic and guys they are even easy to clean!!   They give you a dissolving powder with it, all you have to do is add it to the bath or bucket and it turns back into liquid…just like that it’s cleaned up!

We haven’t used it in the bath but we have used it on sunny days in the backyard and inside on rainy days – my kiddos had a great time and I highly recommend checking their products out!  We hid stuff in them – and we just felt the different texture and had a great ol’ time!!  We will continue on using them over here that’s for sure!


If you have tired them let me know how your kiddos liked them and if you haven’t then get over there and check them out!!



Hey guys,

So it’s been awhile since I’ve written…been concentrating on getting this house organized and if any of you know me that is going to take an extremely long time!!!

I’ve been wanting to try the company LOVEFRESH for a long time now.  My children both have sensitive skin..more my 2 year old than my 4 year old.  He has a bit of eczema on his face, always has diaper rash/red bum so I wanted to go with something as natural as possible.

So when I needed more stuff for the kiddos I decided to give LOVEFRESH a go.  Their products are full of essential oils, coconut oil as well as other healthy I loved that they are made in Toronto.

I bought 3 things from their line for my littles Click the names to learn whats in the products:

Baby Lotion –  I have been using this on my little mans dry, chapping, red face and I have already seen a significant difference within a very short period of time.  His face is not as chapped or red anymore and the main thing it doesn’t look sore.  I also loved this one b/c a lot of lotions have been hurting his face when you put it on, but with this one he does not wince at all.  I also put it on both of their bodies after baths and it makes their skin back to baby soft all over again

Baby Bottom Butter  – This is a very thick zinc based cream (think coco butter thickness but so much better for them).   I have putting this on my little ones bum every time I change him and there is a huge difference in his little butt..he now is not crying when I have to change him and I can tell it’s very soothing for him.  I would show a before and after photo but I just don’t think that would be appropriate and he may not be happy with me when he gets older!

Baby Wash – This is an awesome product!!  Not only is it a body wash for your littles it is also a shampoo and can be used as a bubble bath as well.  I will say that the bubble bath isn’t like the normal ones where it’s full of massive bubbles but it does the trick and it’s better for them!  I used the shampoo on both of them but mainly for my girls extremely long hair (One day she will let me cut it haha).  Her hair was so soft after we blowdried it and it smelt so nice…it’s not scented but it’s oils and the extracts mixed together.

I am extremely happy that I finally took the plunge and tried this company as I truly think it is a good fit for my kiddos and anyone else’s for that matter!


Also just so that my readers know;  I am in no way affiliated with the company, I just like to share the amazing things I find along with the shitty things that you shouldn’t waste your money on!  These three products though are worth every penny…can’t wait to try some of their household products out!!


“Mommy your belly is getting bigger”

Yes yes my daughter said that to me  today.  Thanks kid I’m really just packing on the pounds but I’m so happy you noticed!

Ah so in all of this I don’t know if I have said but Hayden knew we were pregnant and she was going to be a big sister again.  We may have been a bit overly excited that we were going to have a third and Hayden had asked for another baby sister or brother so we told her a bit prematurely which was obviously a big mistake.

How do you tell them? How do you tell them that the baby that was inside your belly for 9 weeks is no longer there? It didn’t make it? We had decided well we’re going to try again so maybe just maybe we don’t have to tell her. But 3 miscarriages later and she’s still talking about being a big sister again I am now obviously beginning to think it wasn’t the best decision.

I know it is not the last time her saying something like that.  She says random things all the time,  she even likes to tell random people from time to time.

Over the holidays I took the kids to the distillery for the Christmas Market  (*Sidenote: we honestly had the best time ever and it will be a new tradition*).  While we were there we decided to go inside and have something to eat and get thawed out so we went to Mill Street.

The table beside us was a mother with her 2 daughters (who were probably just a bit younger then myself).  Hayden took a real liking to much that she introduced herself, her brother annnnd told them there’s a baby in my belly!! Yay everyone that I don’t know is so happy (Honestly the most lovely family ever) they all said congrats, I said thank you so much, put my beer to my mouth and chugged..actually feel like I raised my pint glass to them as to say cheers I’m pregnant and a fackin’ idiot with a beer.  So I had to clear it up to this wonderful family that I am not infact pregnant she just thinks I am.

She will randomly tell people like that because she is so excited, she will randomly tell me that our baby is going to crack out of my belly real soon and I shake my head and say “not anytime soon babe”.

I keep thinking maybe she will forget we told her that, maybe she will realize something isn’t right but that’s alot to think of for a 4 year old and we all know they remember everything!

Maybe we approached it wrong but I have not been able to wrap my head around telling her this.  This part will forever make it hard not to have sadness in me, but we will figure it out and lil Miss H has her bestfriend who she calls brother so I think that is reason to believe everything is great 🙂

New Years Resolutions – Finally

So last night I went to my work Christmas dinner, dinner was amazing as it usually is at Chatterpauls (If you haven’t been there before it’s in Whitby and it’s a must).

But I got home and as soon as I walked in the house I just had a melt down…man I am thankful for my amazing husband.  I don’t know what the reason for this meltdown was;  if it was the realization that I’ve been such a difficult person to live with, if it was the feeling of not being happy with myself, if it was the miscarriages that sometimes I can’t hold back, the exhaustion , or probably just a big mixed bag of everything together.

But after talking to my kick ass husband and telling him I’m sorry for being such a bitch towards him I realized a few things:  I realized that  I push everything to the back of my mind b/c of these 2 amazing humans that we have,  I realized I push any sad/bad feelings aside because I never want them to see me like that, I realized that I push things that i’ve wanted to do forever to the side because well I’d rather spend the time and money on them and I realized that I always worry about everyone else and never focus on myself.  By the end of the day I take it out on my husband b/c well who else are you going to take it out on?!?!  These tiny humans make my day so much better and when I’m with them my heart is so full, but I don’t have the time to think about everything else going on either so unfortunately I act bitchy towards my husband  b/c well he’s the closest to me, for that I can’t say sorry enough!

So I’ve decided finally on my new years resolutions – to do things that make me feel better/make me happy on top of making sure we have amazing family time

  1.  Well was this blog so I can check that off – it really does make me feel better!
  2. Don’t worry about the weight – just get healthy and feel better, feel like YOU
  3. Sign up for the Interior Design course I’ve been wanting to do for years.
  4. Be a better example for my little humans
  5. More adventures with the family – less staying locked up in the house
  6. Get my house organized – Maybe I should watch that new show everyone is watching?!?! i’m afraid I will become too obsessed with it so have been boycotting it
  7. Go on more dates with just me and the hubs – even if it’s just for a cup of coffee
  8. The most important one – Make sure My family is happy and living life to the fullest…including me!

To all the Moms I challenge you to make New Years Resolutions for JUST you as well as for your family!


*featured image taken by Caitlin Free Photography*

Here We Go Again….

We’re Pregnant!!!!
Is what I would love to scream out loud right now. We were pregnant ….again. Have you ever heard of that?!?! I haven’t had my period since August (not that I am complaining about that part..stay away forever and I’ll be a happy lady). Basically we have been pregnant 3 times in the span of 2 months…or less I lost track of the time! Apparently we’re still extremely fertile so that’s good! Anyways so here’s the scoop this time. I found out I was pregnant again and was doing well third times a boobs hurt this time so I thought this is a good sign right ?!? My hormones are there right?!!? It’s crazy I always know when I’m preg within the first 1-2 weeks but unfortunately I now always know when I’m about to miscarry.
I had set up an appointment with a naturopath before I found out I was pregnant, I was sitting at my first appointment with her, thinking I love this girl I can just chat with her and she feels like one of my bestfriends. Anyways I’m sitting on the bed and I say “well….it’s happening again” and I say it with my eyes rolling but to be honest not much emotion. My naturopath questioned why I thought this way and I said I can feel it in my’s the first place I feel it. She hoped I was wrong and sent me for some blood tests because it is clear something was causing this.
Next day I miscarried.
I had 7 viles of blood taken at a Life Labs clinic…it’s so cool that you can just create an account and get your results online. Although it made me a crazy person checking it every 5 minutes to see if the results are in and trying to google every single result, which also wasn’t soo good for my health.
So far the only thing I know is that I have a vitamin D deficiency, which I never knew is actually linked to miscarriages. So I have been put on a high dose of Vitamin D drops in hopes within the next 2 months my levels will go up.
I have another appointment with my kick ass Naturopath next Saturday (Jan. 5th) to go over all my blood work and to find out if anything else is linked to this mystery. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs these last couple months and I am a cranky bitch….my husband hasn’t left me yet though soo I really appreciate that he’s hanging in there with his bitch of a wife!



When you’re a little girl you dream of  meeting Prince Charming and being a Princess just like in the Disney movies!  Twirling around in that Princess dress and just looking as gorgeous as ever!  Why not have a Princess Party for your little girl and her girlfriends

Well that is where we come in: throw a princess party for your little girl for any occassion! Included in every party is makeup by me, princess outfits by Princess Tutu’s and photography by YouByMia Photography. Why not have a Princess Party for your little girl and her girlfriends – treat them like the princesses they are and document every special moment!

I am so happy and excited to announce that our packages for Princess Parties are finally available! Please see the four different packages below:

  • Package A:
    *  Makeup (nails as well as lip gloss, blush etc)
    *  Loot bags (has a flower headband and a tutu for the party as well as some extra treats) made by Princess TuTu’s
    *  Disc with ten of your favourite photos of the day edited by youbymia
  • Package B:
    *  Makeup
    *  Loot bags (same as above)
    *  20 edited photos of your choice on disc
  • Package C
    *  Makeup
    *  Loot bags (filled with princess goodies)
    *  Photography disc of 50 edited photos
    *  Princess Cake or cupcakes
    *  Full gorgeous Tu Tu’s and head pieces 

Package D
Now this one is all about YOU and your needs.  Please feel free to customize a package that best suits you and your party! You can mix and match anything you would like and if there is something that is NOT on the list that you would like please feel free to write and ask me and I will see what we can do about getting it!  Also if you want a Disney themed princess party please check out this page for amazing tutu’s inspired by Disney princesses

One more thing we have not forgotten about your little princes either!!  If you want a have little princes coming we will incorporate them into the princess party as well as stay tuned for Pirate themed parties!! We are working on those plans as I type!!

Please contact me for prices as it depends what package along with how many will be attending the party!