My DIY PowderRoom Reno!!

Hey guys!!


Okay so two days in a row of writing…crazy right??

However I just got the finishing touch to my bathroom reno because Schlage is amazing and sent me a stunning door knob that i’m actually a little bit obsessed with!  It’s crazy what a difference just one door knob makes!


So months and months ago my amazingly talented girlfriend Patrica came over and helped me do my powder room, she has taught me a lot this friend of mine and i’m so so appreciative of her!

Our powder room was pretty boring and I had a pretty amazing vision (well at least I think it was amazing lol) of course pintrest boards helped me along the way as well!

So we found a cheaper way of doing shiplap (after I talked to another gf of mine she gave me some ideas)  we got those big sheets of MDF boards and got them ripped into the widths that we wanted (if you are a Durham person Peacock Lumber is amazing) and then we of course had to do the cutting of the lengths as we went along.  Patricia she does the saw, they terrify me I’m not going to lie, I do some measurements but sometimes I mess them up (if I’m being honest of course..not everyones perfect right?).  My neighbour lent me his table saw as well as his nail gun and compressor, we figured out the spacing and we went to town with that nail gun!  After all said and done the shiplap was up and ready to be painted.

I will be honest I didn’t really LOVE painting it and getting in all the cracks and that but hey it’s how it turns out that matters right?  The Floors guys are PEEL AND STICK vinyl tiles and  well I love them and have them at my front door as well!  IMG_7107

Alright so back to my amazing door knobs – guys when I opened the box and saw all the different parts I’m not going to lie I was worried for myself haha..but it turns out it is soo super easy to do and I was done it in about 20-30 mins tops!  Schlage has amazing instructions and on the instruction booklet is a barcode you can scan on your phone and a step by step video comes up, it was amazing and it made it so so easy for me to put up!

Here’s a little snap of a before/after photo of my door knobs (there is no comparison)!! Schlage for the win for sure!!!  I was worried b/c it’s not something that would usually catch my eye but the love i have for these knobs is a bit worrisome  haha.

So here you go guys you get my final bathroom reveal (before photos are at the end b/c well they aren’t as attractive!):

Be Our Guest


Okay so I figured I would put some of my DIY stuff on here as well…I mean there is an amazing life I lead outside of all of this messy miscarriage business.

We got married on June 16th 2018 and I wanted something really cool for a seating chart so I found a french door on varage sale that cost me like $10 and I just went to town on it.
I sanded the crap out of it, I repainted it white using Fusion Mineral Casement and then I went over it with A grey from Fusion Mineral and made it looked really distressed.

I wanted to find a cool door knob but I couldn’t find one that made sense with the door soo I went without one, I mean if I didn’t leave that part till last minute i’m sure I could have found a cool one.

I used my #silhouettecameo and my computer to make vinyl cut outs of all the table numbers and names.  I then transferred it over so that a table was in each window of the door, I’m not gonna lie it took awhile to transfer it over but that’s mainly b/c the transfer tape I got was really intense…def not the right one to use.   Then since we love beauty and the Beast in this house….(well really all disney but my husband and daughter were doing their dance at the wedding to tale as old as time)  I cut out Be our Guest on vinyl and put it at the top of the door and bam my gorgeous door was finished.

I was overly obsessed with my door and to be honest i’m really sad that I sold it afterwards..someone bought it to use as a picture frame and well I wish that I just kept it.

Check out my photos of the before and after.  Also if you actually read this let me know if I should do a blog about my diy wedding…I mean I may do one anyways but I’d rather some kind of feed back first 🙂
The 2 photos are done by our amazingly wonderful photographer Caitlin Free Photography 


Reno of our Entry way

Okay so I’m a bit obsessed with the new Entryway I did…it feels good to say I did it and didn’t hire someone!!   Our entry wall is pretty big 15.5 feet long so it took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to do.

My girlfriend from work who is amazing helped me put my dream entry into real life!

One Sunday she came over, we did the measuring of the wall, she cut all the wood (i’m terrified to use one of those things lol) .  I have to say the math wasn’t really our strong suit but man it turned out amazing!!  I borrowed a Nail gun from a friend and we went to town putting the boards up.  These pics below are of the before and after we got the boards up.

That was it for that day!   I waited a few days as it’s not so easy to do things with these 2 crazy trains H&H.   I went to home depot got some caulking and some filler for the nail holes and where the boards meet.  I’ve never done this before it was soothing/exciting!
I got a nice eggshell white and painted that section of the wall and it was all starting to come together!

I bought some kick ass hooks from amazon , I found an amazing 6 foot church pew (from a church in Toronto) on varage sale for an awesome deal, and I picked these kick ass peel and stick tiles  by #wallpop, picked up my picture frames from Michaels and printed black and white pictures of our family and It was all coming together!  I also decided to paint the door black to add a bit more contrast.  I’m not going to lie when I started painting the door I was thinking oh shit my moms right I should have left it white but the 2nd coat got on and I was in love!

The floor tiles were so amazing, you literally peel and stick, of course you have to cut some pieces which was a challenge for me b/c I suck at cutting straight but they turned out awesome and I am super proud of it!  Still have some things to fix/finish but check it out let me know what you think because I am love! Now to get that wood flooring in!

DIY Wedding = Amazing

Hey everyone!!

Okay so this blog is about my gorgeous cousin Mia Purdy and her Husband Darryl Smith’s amazing wedding!  I have been waiting for photos of this wedding since the day of so that I could make this post!!  Soo needles to say I’m excited for this post and I can’t wait to share their photos with you.

Mia and Dares wedding was it a DIY wedding they put lots of thought and effort into this and worked extremely hard to make it a perfect day!!  I will not share how any of this is done you will have to just take a look at the photos!! Mia, Darryl,  their families and the wedding party went up the day before and got the venue all ready for the big day.  And seeing it all come together was amazing!


Okay so being in the wedding party of this one I will say when Mia first took us to the venue to see it I was in love right away with it, it couldn’t be more perfect.  Then she decided to talk about bunting and all the different spots she wanted it the picture that me and the other bridesmaid had in mind well let’s just say we poked fun a bit.  However my dearest Mia AMAZING job on the bunting as it honestly made the venue look unreal!! 

They picked an unreal venue that I am officially obsessed with and I am sure you all will be as well when you look at the photos.  They got married in Milton at Country Heritage Park.  The venue was super accommodating and they honestly felt like old time friends!!  It is a gorgeous Barn that actually does tractor rides around the gorgeous property (I think my nephew was on it most of the day). As you take a tour of the venue there are old barns, blacksmith stores, general stores horses it is unreal!   The ceremony was upstairs in the loft area Jer (Mia’s brother) made an arch way for them and it fit in perfectly…just looked amazing!!  Below on the main floor was where dinner and the big party happened afterwards!  Mia is extremely creative and incorporated all the things that they loved into the look of the wedding coke bottles being one of them :). 

So I’m pretty sure you can guess I did the make up for her wedding.  So we woke up in the morning put our amazing robes on that Mia had bought us and I went to work!!  Airbrushing of course was used and then everyone had a different look. 

The photographers were amazing and fit right in with everyone perfectly!  Young Hearts Photography is who took all the photos of Mia and Darryl’s day and they did an unreal job!!

Congrats to Mia who is not only my cousin but has become one of my closet friends I am so happy for you and Dare!   To Dare Welcome to our family offically yet again!  Love ya both!!

So usually I just show a few photos of my make up but because this was a DIY and because of my obsession with the venue there will be a few photos of everything all mixed into the slide show below.

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