Colby The Ninja Turtle Turns 5!!!!

Colby’s 5!! And what better way to celebrate than partying with all his friends as the Ninja Turtles?!?!

Purdy Girls helped throw this little Ninja Turtle an awesome birthday. Princess Tutu’s made Colby and all his friends personalized capes and masks in the Ninja Turtle colours, I painted their faces green while Mia captured it all on her camera!

We then played a bunch of games, including “Vaporize a Villain”, pin the mask on the Ninja Turtle and show us your best ninja move (some were pretty cute/hilarious)!!!  We then stopped for Pizza and of course every kids favourite the Birthday Cake!! Colbys amazing birthday cake was done by H & C’s Sweet Boutique.

Colby’s mother threw an amazing party! It was a perfect day to have his party outside in the backyard; it was a pleasure meeting such a nice family and such wonderful kids!!

It was such an incredible day and Mia and I are so glad we were part of it.

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Graces 4th Birthday – Princess/Superhero styles

Hey everyone!!

Okay so it has taken me way way too long to write this post.
On January 25th Purdy Girls did another birthday party and we had so much fun doing it! All the boys we’re dressed as superheroes and all the girls were dressed as Princesses we did the usual loot bags so in the girls they had their tutus and head pieces and the boys had capes with their initial on it as well as a mask these were provided by the lovely Ang at Princess TuTus .

We painted nails, played pin the tutu/mask on the princess (where we had a huge picture of the birthday girl and they had to tape it on her), we did some crafts as well. Overall it was a great time and I am so glad we were asked to do it!

Photos were obviously taken by my amazing cousin/partner Mia Purdy

I hope you guys enjoy the photos of her day as much as we do!

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Hey everyone!!

Mia and I are going to have a deal for your little ones!  If you book a party before Jan.1st (even if the party is in the new year) you will receive 15% off!!!  Please share this with everyone you know!

If there is a specific theme just let us know and we will get back to you ASAP and let you know if that theme works!!!  Right now the popular ones seem to be Princess, superhero and pirates!

feel free to check out the photos below so you can see what our parties tend to look like :)!!!

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Chloë the Parisian Princess

A few weekends ago  Mia  and I got to throw  Mademoiselle Chloë a Princess Party.   Chloë did not want an everyday ordinary birthday party she wanted a Paris themed Princess Birthday Party.  So Mia and I put our heads together with Chloë’s amazing mom Katy to give her exactly what she wanted!  My amazing and extremely talented friend Ang at Princess Tutu put together gorgeous pink and black tu tu’s for all of the Princess’s guests along with Pink headbands.  On top of that all the guests of the party got a gorgeous wand and beautiful ring (okay it was a ring pop but they are still gorgeous)!

All of the girls took turns to sit down at the Princess table and get their nails painted and make up done like the true Princess’s they are!  While the make up station was taken over the rest of the Princess’s kept occupied blasting the Disney tunes dancing up a storm, as well as playing ring toss and in the Princess Tent.

After all the Make up was done we played pin the tiara on Chloë (where we printed a big photo of the leading lady and they were blindfolded and had to pin a tiara on the picture).  After the games Chloë’s mom Katy made a BBQ lunch for everyone and then it was cake time which was also made by Katy and it was a gorgeous Eiffel Tower Cake.

Mia and I had a blast with Chloë and her friends and of course would like to thank her for letting us spend her Birthday with her!!

 Check out the slide show to see all the fun we had! 

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