Time to Review some Nars

Okay so I know Nars is one of the top cosmetic brands around and I can honestly say I know why!  I absolutely love their line.  I mean like everything there are some flaws but my skin is also a little bit tricky!!


I have a few things that I will review in this blog; no need having multiple ones about the same company when I can do a few of them in one!

First up their ALL DAY luminous Weightless Foundation


What Nars says about their product:

Full, natural-looking coverage with unexpectedly weightless, 16-hour wear. Highly pigmented and perfectly balanced, this breakthrough formula builds and blends effortlessly with just one drop—the result of exclusive innovation uniquely designed to deliver long-wearing full coverage, weightlessly. Shake, pump and blend in sections for complete coverage that’s completely natural looking.

What my experience with the product is:

I will def say that this foundation CAN be a full coverage and it is a pretty weightless foundation, I would say that it is more medium but you can build it to be full.  It says you only need one pump but to get the coverage that I like it is more like 2-3 pumps.  People say it looks better when you apply it with your fingers however I am not one that likes to apply foundation with my hands unless I forget a brush and I am out somewhere and need a quick fix.  I find it very easy to blend with a brush and it looks amazing!!

I don’t find that it gives my skin type a big glow but it’s not completely matte either it’s a good level of both.  I find when I first put it on it looks amazing but with my skin type it does wear off I mean there is NO WAY I could get 16 hours of one application, I would say about half of that before you think maybe I need to touch it up a bit.

All in all I really do like this foundation, it really does feel light weight and makes you forget that you are wearing any makeup which is exactly the type of foundation I like! Right now my skin is super dry thanks to a combination of this beautiful winter and the new born I have so right now it is not ideal for my skin.  I have found this product does stick to prominent dry patches, but if your dry skin issues are only minor,  you won’t find it too bad as long as you have a decent moisturizer underneath. If you like quick and easy this is your bestfriend!

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer


LOVE LOVE LOVE!!  This is my to go to concealer; it has a wide range of colours and I would be shocked if you can’t find your shade!

What Nars says:

Coveted by artists for its luxurious texture and luminous finish, new Radiant Creamy Concealer evens skin with lightweight medium to high buildable coverage. Enriched with hydrating, multi-action skincare benefits and light diffusing technology, it creates a softer, smoother complexion while instantly obscuring imperfections and diminishing fine lines and signs of fatigue.

What my experience is with it:

I absolutely love it!!  It covers up my mom bags perfectly; I don’t know what I would do without it!!  It is very easy to work with..now concealer is the one product I like to put on with my fingers as I find the heat of our fingers helps it to settle better!

I will say although it is creamy it is not exactly moisturizing so if you are very dry under your eyes it may not be the best one for you! It is a thin texture so it for the most part does not stick/crease to your lines.  It provides med – full coverage but if you wish to sheer it out a bit it is very easy to do just add a little bit of your moisturizer to it and you are good to go!

I also prime my eyes with it sometimes and it works wonderfully; really helps the true pigment of your shadow show!!

If you have not yet tried this I really recommend you go out now and purchase it!





Meet The Krems!!

Hi guys,

Okay I was so excited to get asked to be a part of Mike and Erins big day!!  I have known Mike for years so when his now wife approached me I was ecstatic!!

Mike and I knew eachother way back when we were really athletic and sprint kayaking and always dressed in spandex so it was nice to be a part of his day and see the lovely photos of the two of them all dressed up!

I don’t think he could have picked a better match as Erin is such a gorgeous person both inside and out!

Mike and Erin got married at Carl’s catering in Brampton their hair was done at an extremely cute salon called Erin Melinda Hair studio which is located in Pickering.  Photography was done by Photography by Rowen Make up done by Moi (Bride, Bridal party and Mother of the Groom; Mike didn’t let me do his unfortunately).  All make up was airbrushed with my favourite brand Kett Cosmetics.  If you wish to know more about airbrushing you can ask me or you can always check out Kett.

Below are a few photos of their day for you to look at.

Erin thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day, it was great to hang out with you and the girls!!  I am so happy for the two of you as you clearly are a perfect match!!




Just for Em

Okay soo I got a post on my fb wall asking me to write a blog of my favourite products or products I can not live without.  Please at the end of this feel free to comment and say what YOU can’t live without or what Your fav products in the beauty world are.

Okay so first of all I have one product that I recently have learned to not be able to live with out this is called Ultra Radiance by Benefit . This is a rehydrating mist.  I personally can not go a day without spraying it on my face.  The way I use it:  I spray a few inches away from my face before I put my foundation on the cucumber smell relaxes you and your face instantly feels more moisturizer and more awake.  If I feel like I need a little refreshment during the day I will do a light spray and instantly I can feel my skin perk up a little bit and even have a slight glow!  You can buy this through Benefits website or at Shopper Drug Mart Beauty Boutique’s. for I believe $30.

Benefit yet again gets on my things I can not live without Erase Paste is by far (so far) my favourite concealer it hides discolouration, works wonders on those puffy dark circles a lot of us get in the morning after a night of zero sleep!!  When it comes to application this is the ONE AND ONLY time I will EVER say using your fingers works the best, scoop a little out on the spatula they provide you with and then dab your fingers in it and then apply dabbing it on your undereye or whatever it is you would like to cover up the heat from your fingers actually helps with the application!  A little goes a long way with this product so use just a dab of it and go from there!  You can also buy this product at Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique for around $30 as well!

Foundation wise now this is always tricky for me!  I have sensitive skin so there are few products that I can use on a day-to-day basis!!  I am a HUGE lover of Airbrushing and if it’s a wedding or a very important event I do tend to airbrush.  That being said Make Up Forever has an AMAZING foundation it is HD Foundation, it is oil free and med – full coverage.  If you get the right colour of this foundation it is not noticeable to others that you are wearing any at all!  An old teacher told me about this foundation Cheryl Gushue she is amazing and ever since she told me I went out tried it and it instantly became my number 1 foundation.  Best way of application is a brush!! My favourite brush for foundation application is the 187 by Mac Cosmetics again a little goes a long way!! You can purchase this foundation at Sephora stores or on Make up forever’s website.

Powders okay so you ALWAYS need a powder over your foundation.  There are two that I like to use Kett Sett Powder which is a High Def Ultra-translucent and color-adaptable powder.  It is great for the camera and to reduce shine!  The other one is Stila Cosmetics Sheer Pressed Powder .  This powder comes in three different shades it is a light powder which is what I love and it makes your skin look polished!  You can buy this at Selected Shoppers Boutiques as well as Stila’s website for around $30.

Now for blush, for those of you who do not like blush please please try it it’s amazing I can not deal without it!!!  I think Nars has the best blushes a bit pricey but I do love their colours!  Okay so colour wise it really all depends on your skin tone. The first blush I am going to mention not only has an amazing name but the colour is unreal looks great on lighter skin tones ready for it..? It’s Orgasm by Nars I just can not get enough of this colour!  It is amazing for brides as well it’s a peachy/pink colour and it has a little bit of a golden glow to it gives you a nice shimmer!   You can purchase this at some Bay locations as well as Sephora stores for I believe $35 it is a little pricey but it is well worth it and will last a long time.  Next up in my fav colours is also a colour by Nars Taj Mahal.  This Colour I love on darker skin tones but it also works with lighter skin tones just have to be careful with how much you put on.  It is a burnt orange that also has that golden shimmer in it just like Orgasm does! Another Nars one is Deep Throat (wow they have some good names?)  

This colour is more sheer and is on the peachy tones it is very nice for light tones and if you just want a little pop of colour!  A colour that I like to use for just a bronzy summer look is Sunbasque by M.A.C

This is a peach with a pearly look it is a sheertone blush and can be used on any skin tone.   You can make it a natural summer look or make it a little more intense.

Eye time!!  Okay so for those of you that get the creases in your shadow in the middle of the night and can’t understand why do you put anything under your shadow??

Okay so you need a base underneath your shadow.  My favourite base to use is M.A.C Paint Pot Painterly it goes on smoothly, it’s a natural colour and it really holds your shadow together.  Another good base is Stila Prime Pot in taffy a natural colour.  If you want something with a little shine on it then you could always use M.A.C Bare Study Paint Pot

As for shadows I am Def not going to sit and list all of the shadows I love but I will name a few of the colours but mostly the brands that I like to use.  M.A.C has great shadows some of my favourite ones are All the Glitters, Sketch, Brule,Expresso and woodwinked just to name a few.  Stila has some great palettes with amazing colours my favourite pallettes is In the Light.    With the palette there are so many looks you can do whether you need something simple and natural, it’s your wedding day or your going out clubbing there is so much to play with!  This palette has ten different colours and is about $40.  You can get these at certain Shoppers Drug Marts and is def a deal!!!

Make up Forever also has a good selection and good quality of shadows! As a highlighter for both the eyes and the face my favourite is by M.A.C called soft and gentle.  Sometimes dust it lightly all over the face to give a nice glow!

Over the years working with eyeliners pencils, gels, liquid liners I have found that I much prefer gels and liquid liners they stay in place better and last longer in my opinion.  I have two favourite gel liners are M.A.C Fluidline as well as Stila Smudge Pots.  As for liquid liner my favourite is M.A.C Boot Black.  The gel liners you have to use with a brush the boot black you do not have to use a brush as it comes with one that is not too hard to use however I still use a brush I think a brush makes it easier for a steady hand and for you to get the look you want.  The best brush I have come across is M.A.C 208 angle brush.

I do use pencils when it comes to certain liners I like to use a white liner on those that have smaller eyes or even when they have bigger eyes and I just want them to pop a little bit more.  I put this on the inside of the bottom waterline.

Annnnd on to mascara I don’t believe in the fact that if it’s an expensive mascara it’s the best mascara.  My favourite mascaras are actually really cheap and found at shoppers drug mart.  Ones I like are Rimmel Lash accelerator it is a little wet and may take a few times to get used to but it makes your lashes look amazing, separates, lengthens and defines them!  For waterproof mascaras I like the Cover Girls Lash Blast.

As for fake lashes my favourite M.A.C ones are number 7’s yes in the package they look a little weird maybe even scary but they look amazing and natural on.  Another brand that I have recently fallen in love with are Red Cherry’s they have a lot of selection!  As for fun lashes Make up Forever has amazing super cool lashes that are fun to play with!

As for Lips I tend to use three different brands for lipstick M.A.C, Benefit and Stila.  Lip gloss I tend to use M.A.C and one of my new favourites Bourjois.   As for colours they always change and they are so so many so for now I will just leave you with the brands

And last but def not least my favourite setting spray is Model in a Bottle .  This finishing spray will help keep your makeup on longer and it works like a gem! It has been my favourite for many years and I have just started to sell it because I believe strongly in this product!

Now that I am done writing my novel hopefully it will help some people out and hopefully YOU will add Your favourites that you can not live without in the comment section.