Tiff 2013 in style – Queensway Audi

Hey everyone!

Alright so things have been crazy hectic and busy and I will have some more posts soon!!!  This past week I got to do something I have never done before which is pretty exciting and it was super fun!!!  Queensway Audi invited me to do the make up of the lovely Lara Ceroni while she interviewed me on beauty tips.  Queensway was interviewing people around Toronto that had to do with the film festival it was very interesting and I am glad I got to be part of it!  I got in the back of an A7 TDI Audi and started Lara’s Make up While we talked about red carpet looks, how to achieve them as well as who we are excited to see this year and who were our favourites from last year.  Although I am not super happy that I think Kristen Stewart looked stunning last year as I am def not a huge fan of hers I can’t deny that she looked unreal!!!

Let us know who YOU are excited to see on the red carpet and who you have already seen that looked stunning!!  Thank you to Queensway Audi for inviting me to do this I had a great time with some amazing and talented people! 

Although it is very weird to watch myself check out the clips that were put together as well as the photos….Chris Hogg did an amazing job at taking some while we were not paying attention ūüôā


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Stila Stay All Day 10 in 1 HD BB Cream

Okay so I feel like lately I’ve been all about Stila but I can’t help it their products are unreal and it is not just because I freelance for them either!!

For those that do not like wearing a lot of make up and very rarely use foundation this is an amazing product and I recommend it to a lot of my clients! I use this product a lot. It does not deliver a lot of coverage but if there is a spot of redness that shines through the first layer you can build it up and it will not look or feel cakey in any kind of way.

Here is some info on the product before I tell you why I love it so much:
* oil and paraben free
* dermatologist tested
* beauty balm glides onto skin and leaves a nice silky smooth finish
* High- def formula helps reduce the pore size and provides oil and blemish control
* Contains innovative mirco spheres, which are to hide skin imprecations and reduce wrinkle depth
* Has an exclusive complex, which helps reduce redness and irritation of the skin
* Has Tripeptide – 37, bamboo and pea extracts, this helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
* Infused with natural, skin-protecting emollients which are to increase anti oxidant activity (up to 89.7%!)
* Ideal for all skin types and skin tones

Stila’s BB Cream comes in only one shade and it adjusts to your skin tone. I tested this feature to see if it really would change with my skin tone. When I went to St. Lucia I took this BB cream with me no foundation or any other type of product to even out my skin; I am happy to say even as I got tanned it adjusted and did just want I wanted it to do even out my skin tone and make me flawless (okay well flawless is hard to get but it did the best job I could ask for)!! This product feels so smooth and soft on your skin as if you are not wearing anything!
I have also got my mother hooked on this product and she now does not use her foundations and only uses this BB cream! I highly recommend it for all ages and for those that don’t wear make up but just want a little something. Try it out its unreal! You can purchase them at selected shoppers drug mart as well as Sephora stores



I’m Back!

Alright so many of us stopped wearing Lipsticks or many of us never even started my question to these people is WHY??? I used to be a non lipstick wearer all about the gloss now I hate being without it!!! I know some feel like they are drying and some just do not last long enough so what’s the point?!?! I hear ya! I used to also be all about MAC lipsticks and while yes they are still good there are even better ones out there!

I have fallen in love with Stila’s Colour Balm Lipstick it is unreal!!! It has certified organic sunflower based polyglycerides which hydrates your lips! They also has Natural peppermint oil in them which not only gives them an amazing minty smell (it’s hard not to lick your lips) but it also provides helps reduce the possibility of infection as well as soothes, and adds volume to your lips! Not to mention that lovely tingly feeling your lips (we all love that feeling)!!!! Not to mention they STAY!!! I have worn these lipsticks all day and I have to touch them up a little bit after I eat and that is it and I don’t even really have to do that!!!

The Colours are amazing!! There are 15 colours which means there is at least ONE for everyone out there!! Stila was pretty creative when they named their lipsticks and made their packages; all of their colours are named after someone who has been a part of supporting Stila Cosmetics (ie. Betsey for the amazingly talented Betsey Johnson).
Make up Artists you will LOVE their packaging it makes it so easy for us to just pull the colour we want out of the group; all of the colours are embossed in the Stila that is written on the case as well as all of the colours are inside the cap so it is easy to figure out which cap goes on what because we all know sometimes our stations get a little bit crazy!

So ladies do me a favour and go out and try this unreal lipstick!!! You will not regret it I promise you!!

Stila Stay All Day Foundtion

Hey makeup peeps!!

This winter I have tried many foundations to see what ones work the best for me. This foundation by stila is very nice!!

I find this foundation worked well on my skin. I have read reviews saying it does not work well on dry skin however I had no problems with it. This foundation is light – medium coverage it is build-able without looking like your face is going to crack!!!! It is illuminating gives you a very nice glow but does not leave you looking shiny/oily.

This foundation is also not horrible for your skin like a lot of other ones that clog your pours! It is oil free and does not contain the following:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Synthetic Dyes
– Petrochemicals
– Phthalates
– GMOs
– Triclosan

This foundation is not lying when it says stay all day it lasts all day and at the end of your day you need makeup remover to take it off!

This foundation has a concealer on the top of it as well as a little mirror, also comes with a little foundation brush.
Now I do have one problem with it and that is the scoop it comes with to take the foundation out of the bottle, I just find it is far more messy than a pump and harder to use as well.

Overall this foundation is a big hit for me!!


Just for Em

Okay soo¬†I got a post on my fb wall asking me to write a blog of my favourite products or products I can not live without.¬† Please at the end of this feel free to comment and say what YOU can’t live without or what Your fav products in the beauty world are.

Okay so first of all I have one product that I recently have learned to not be able to live with out this is called Ultra Radiance by Benefit¬†.¬†This is a rehydrating¬†mist.¬† I personally can not go a day without spraying it on my face.¬† The way I use it:¬† I spray a few inches away from my face before I put my foundation on the cucumber smell relaxes¬†you and your face instantly feels more moisturizer and more awake.¬† If I feel like I need a little refreshment during the day I will do a light spray and instantly I can feel my skin perk up a little bit and even have a slight glow!¬† You can buy this through Benefits website or at Shopper Drug Mart Beauty Boutique’s. for I believe $30.

Benefit yet again gets on my things I can not live without Erase Paste is by far (so far) my favourite concealer it hides discolouration, works wonders on those puffy dark circles a lot of us get in the morning after a night of zero sleep!!  When it comes to application this is the ONE AND ONLY time I will EVER say using your fingers works the best, scoop a little out on the spatula they provide you with and then dab your fingers in it and then apply dabbing it on your undereye or whatever it is you would like to cover up the heat from your fingers actually helps with the application!  A little goes a long way with this product so use just a dab of it and go from there!  You can also buy this product at Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique for around $30 as well!

Foundation wise now this is always tricky for me!¬† I have sensitive¬†skin so¬†there are few products that I can use on a day-to-day¬†basis!!¬† I am a HUGE lover of Airbrushing¬†and if it’s¬†a wedding or a very important event I do tend to airbrush.¬† That being said Make Up Forever has an AMAZING foundation it is HD Foundation, it is oil free and med – full coverage.¬† If you get the right colour of this foundation it is not noticeable¬†to others that you are wearing any at all!¬† An old teacher told me about this foundation Cheryl Gushue she is amazing and ever since she told me I went out tried it and it instantly became my number 1 foundation.¬† Best way of application is a brush!! My favourite brush for foundation application is the 187 by Mac Cosmetics¬†again a little goes a long way!!¬†You can purchase this foundation at Sephora stores or on Make up forever’s website.

Powders okay so you ALWAYS need a powder over your foundation.¬† There are two that I like to use Kett Sett Powder¬†which is a High Def Ultra-translucent and color-adaptable powder.¬† It is great for the camera and to reduce shine!¬† The other one is Stila Cosmetics Sheer Pressed Powder¬†.¬† This powder comes in three different shades it is a light powder which is what I love and it makes your skin look¬†polished!¬†¬†You can buy this at Selected¬†Shoppers Boutiques as well as Stila’s website for around $30.

Now for blush, for those of you who do not like blush please please¬†try it it’s amazing I can not deal without it!!!¬† I think Nars has the best blushes a bit pricey but I do love their colours!¬† Okay so colour wise it really all depends on your skin tone. The first blush I am going to mention not only has an amazing name but the colour is unreal looks great on lighter skin tones ready for it..? It’s Orgasm by Nars¬†I just can not get enough of this colour!¬†¬†It is amazing for brides as well¬†it’s a peachy/pink colour and it has a little¬†bit of a golden glow to it¬†gives you a nice shimmer!¬† ¬†You can purchase this at some Bay locations as well as Sephora¬†stores for I believe $35 it is a little pricey but it is well worth it and will last a long time.¬† Next up in my fav¬†colours is also a colour by Nars¬†Taj¬†Mahal.¬† This Colour I love on darker skin tones but it also works with lighter skin tones just have to be careful with how much you put on.¬†¬†It is a burnt orange that also has that golden shimmer in it just like Orgasm does!¬†Another Nars one is Deep¬†Throat (wow they have some good names?)¬†¬†

This colour is more sheer and is on the peachy tones it is very nice for light tones and if you just want a little pop of colour!  A colour that I like to use for just a bronzy summer look is Sunbasque by M.A.C

This is a peach with a pearly look it is a sheertone blush and can be used on any skin tone.   You can make it a natural summer look or make it a little more intense.

Eye time!!¬† Okay so for those of you that get the creases in your shadow in the middle of the night and can’t understand why do you put anything under your shadow??

Okay so you need a base underneath your shadow.¬† My favourite base to use is M.A.C Paint Pot Painterly it goes on smoothly,¬†it’s a natural colour¬†and it really holds your shadow together.¬† Another good base is Stila Prime Pot in taffy¬†a natural colour.¬† If you want something with a little shine on it then you could always use M.A.C Bare Study Paint Pot

As for shadows I am Def not going to sit and list all of the shadows I love but I will name a few of the colours but mostly the brands that I like to use.¬† M.A.C has great shadows some of my favourite ones are All the Glitters, Sketch, Brule,Expresso¬†and woodwinked¬†just to name a few.¬† Stila¬†has some great palettes¬†with amazing colours my favourite pallettes is In the Light.¬†¬†¬† With the palette¬†there are so many looks you can do whether you need¬†something simple and natural, it’s your wedding day or your going out clubbing there is so much to play with!¬† This palette has ten different colours and is about $40.¬† You can get these at certain Shoppers Drug Marts and is def a deal!!!

Make up Forever also has a good selection and good quality of shadows! As a highlighter for both the eyes and the face my favourite is by M.A.C called soft and gentle.  Sometimes dust it lightly all over the face to give a nice glow!

Over the years working with eyeliners pencils, gels, liquid liners I have found that I much prefer gels and liquid liners they stay in place better and last longer in my opinion.  I have two favourite gel liners are M.A.C Fluidline as well as Stila Smudge Pots.  As for liquid liner my favourite is M.A.C Boot Black.  The gel liners you have to use with a brush the boot black you do not have to use a brush as it comes with one that is not too hard to use however I still use a brush I think a brush makes it easier for a steady hand and for you to get the look you want.  The best brush I have come across is M.A.C 208 angle brush.

I do use pencils when it comes to certain liners I like to use a white liner on those that have smaller eyes or even when they have bigger eyes and I just want them to pop a little bit more.  I put this on the inside of the bottom waterline.

Annnnd¬†on to mascara¬†I don’t believe in the fact that if it’s an expensive mascara¬†it’s the best mascara.¬† My favourite mascaras¬†are actually really cheap and found at shoppers drug mart.¬† Ones I like are Rimmel¬†Lash accelerator¬†it is a little wet and may take a few times to get used to but it makes your lashes look amazing, separates, lengthens and defines them!¬† For waterproof mascaras I like the Cover Girls Lash Blast.

As for fake lashes my favourite M.A.C ones are number 7’s yes in the package they look a little weird maybe even scary but they look amazing and natural on.¬† Another brand that I have recently fallen in love with are Red Cherry’s they have a lot of selection!¬† As for fun lashes Make up Forever has amazing super cool lashes that are fun to play with!

As for Lips I tend to use three different brands for lipstick M.A.C, Benefit and Stila.  Lip gloss I tend to use M.A.C and one of my new favourites Bourjois.   As for colours they always change and they are so so many so for now I will just leave you with the brands

And last but def not least my favourite setting spray is Model in a Bottle .  This finishing spray will help keep your makeup on longer and it works like a gem! It has been my favourite for many years and I have just started to sell it because I believe strongly in this product!

Now that I am done writing my novel hopefully it will help some people out and hopefully YOU will add Your favourites that you can not live without in the comment section.

Asian Eyes

Hey guys,

So not a blog I typically write but thought since I have seen and heard horror stories of people doing make up on Asian eyes I thought I would write what I typically would do for Asian eyes. First of all I want to start of saying that there are NO RULES when you’re doing make up, experiment and have fun while you’re doing it!!!¬† You will see the things that work and don’t work!

Asian eyes are stunning and I LOVE doing make up on them; however they can be tricky if as for some reason peoples first thought is to make them have a crease.  Yes sometimes you can make them have the illusion of a crease with it looking good but doing a full on crease where it would be RARELY looks nice.

Usually if I want to create well defined eyes I¬†have at least three colours to play with: a light shade a medium shade and a dark shade.¬† The medium shade would be placed all over the lid, the darkest shade should be placed at the lash line and smudged/blended up to the middle of your lid, the lightest shade (I usually use one with a shine) should be placed on the brow bone (right under the eyebrow) to meet the medium shade creating a shadow gradient. To open your eyes and make them pop put the lighter shade on the inside corner of the eye as well. Make sure you blend the colours so that there is not a solid line to when the colours stop and start.¬†¬† You will want a little more definition take a eyeliner and line your top lid (I recommend using a liquid or gel liner my favourite are MAC boot black, MAC fluidline and Stila’s smudge pot). People say do not line under¬†asian eyes however if you have smaller eyes and want to open them put a white or nude tone on your lower waterline this will open up the eyes even more and if you have bigger eyes and you want them more dramatic why not put some black on your waterline?¬† Always curl your lashes before applying mascara, one of my favourite eyelash curlers is model in a bottle’s it works amazing and it is not a huge metal curler that looks like it’s going to eat your eye haha; its cute and dainty and gets the job done!!

Hope this helps some people out ūüôā