Colby The Ninja Turtle Turns 5!!!!

Colby’s 5!! And what better way to celebrate than partying with all his friends as the Ninja Turtles?!?!

Purdy Girls helped throw this little Ninja Turtle an awesome birthday. Princess Tutu’s made Colby and all his friends personalized capes and masks in the Ninja Turtle colours, I painted their faces green while Mia captured it all on her camera!

We then played a bunch of games, including “Vaporize a Villain”, pin the mask on the Ninja Turtle and show us your best ninja move (some were pretty cute/hilarious)!!!  We then stopped for Pizza and of course every kids favourite the Birthday Cake!! Colbys amazing birthday cake was done by H & C’s Sweet Boutique.

Colby’s mother threw an amazing party! It was a perfect day to have his party outside in the backyard; it was a pleasure meeting such a nice family and such wonderful kids!!

It was such an incredible day and Mia and I are so glad we were part of it.

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Hey everyone!!!
Very stoked to share some awesome news!!! This month Purdy Girls made an appearance in Today’s Bride Magazine!!!
My cousin and I got to join in on an amazing couples big day Mia Katy & Jason that we got to be a part of is now in Todays Bride!!!

I am extremely excited about this not only because my work is in the magazine but because I did this job with my cousin and nothing makes me happier than to share it with a family member/best friend! Mia is an amazing photographer and I am thrilled that we get to work together all the time!!

Also – stay tuned! – more images from Katy and Jason’s wedding will be on Today’s Bride’s website! We will be checking every day until we see their album; so we will let you know when it’s up.

Now get your butts up from that computer desk and go get a copy of the mag!!

Tiff’s Dress gets a bit dirty!!

Hey guys!! So exicted for this post!! My cousin Mia and her friend Tiff wanted to do a “trash the dress” style photoshoot with their gorgeous wedding dresses. So in the summer I packed my make up bag Mia grabbed her camera and they packed their dresses and we went up to my cottage on lake belmont in Havelock for some good quality fun! We took photos in the the forest and on the dock by the end of the shoot they both had ended up in the water in their gorgeous dresses!!!
Below are photos from Tiffs trash the dress photos of course were taking by my talented cousin Mia

Hope you enjoy them 🙂

Katy and Jason’s I DO!!

I have gotten to know this gorgeous bride as Purdy Girls not only did her big day but did her adorable daughters Princess Party for her 6th birthday.  This family is such a loving and kind family and I am so happy that I got to meet with them and share these wonderful moments with them!
Katy and Jason got married in October 2012 and everything went smoothly.  Katy looked stunning in her dress and Chloe her gorgeous 6-year-old looked as cute as she could be!!

My gorgeous cousin Mia took the photos and the hair was done by Michael’s Hair Studio in Pickering village (he did an amazing  job)

Thank you Katy, Jason and Chloe for letting us be a part of your day and congrats on everything :)!!!

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Love Love Love

Okay so being a part of this day meant so much to me!  Elena has to be one of the sweetest people I have ever met in my life!! She has the biggest and kindest heart one could ever know!  From meeting her now HUSBAND Brad only once I can tell he is the same way and they are perfect for each other!
It was such a relaxed morning at Michaels hair studio in Pickering village as the girls got their hair and make up done!  My cousin youbymia was the photographer on this day and I know she was as thrilled as I was to be asked to be apart of their day!

Elena and Brad Congrats and I will be sending you another huge congrats as soon as that cute bundle of joy is born!!!!  I couldn’t be happier for you guys!

Thank you for letting us Purdy Girls be apart of your amazing day!!


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Quintyn the Superhero Turned 5!!!!

Hey Everyone!!

Wow I have a lot of catching up to on my blogs that is for sure!!  I am off to Sunny Florida tomorrow but I NEEDED to at least catch up with his amazing superhero’s party!!!

Purdy Girls helped throw this young superhero’s 5th birthday party with the theme as Batman!  My talented and amazing friend Ange at Princess TuTu made the cutest personalized capes for all of the little superhero’s that attended this party!!!  I did some face painting and my talented cousin Mia did the photography.  After lunch Batman himself arrived with Wonderwoman; Quintyn and the kids went crazy!!

Purdy Girls set up a few games including “vaporize the villain”, walking over the burning hot lava pit and of course all the superheros showed off their muscles with our 200 lb weight!  We also had a TNT pinata which we had no idea where to hang it so while looking Quintyns dad just volunteered (or should I say Quintyns mom volunteered him) to hold it while the kids went crazy on it; he was a trooper!

The thought that Quintyns family went into with all the details was absolutely amazing!!

Mia and I had such a great day with Quintyn’s family and friends and are so happy that we were asked to be apart of it!!!


Please view the photos and let us know your thoughts!


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Chloë the Parisian Princess

A few weekends ago  Mia  and I got to throw  Mademoiselle Chloë a Princess Party.   Chloë did not want an everyday ordinary birthday party she wanted a Paris themed Princess Birthday Party.  So Mia and I put our heads together with Chloë’s amazing mom Katy to give her exactly what she wanted!  My amazing and extremely talented friend Ang at Princess Tutu put together gorgeous pink and black tu tu’s for all of the Princess’s guests along with Pink headbands.  On top of that all the guests of the party got a gorgeous wand and beautiful ring (okay it was a ring pop but they are still gorgeous)!

All of the girls took turns to sit down at the Princess table and get their nails painted and make up done like the true Princess’s they are!  While the make up station was taken over the rest of the Princess’s kept occupied blasting the Disney tunes dancing up a storm, as well as playing ring toss and in the Princess Tent.

After all the Make up was done we played pin the tiara on Chloë (where we printed a big photo of the leading lady and they were blindfolded and had to pin a tiara on the picture).  After the games Chloë’s mom Katy made a BBQ lunch for everyone and then it was cake time which was also made by Katy and it was a gorgeous Eiffel Tower Cake.

Mia and I had a blast with Chloë and her friends and of course would like to thank her for letting us spend her Birthday with her!!

 Check out the slide show to see all the fun we had! 

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She said YES!

Hey Everyone,

Two weekends ago I got to meet up with the lovely Katy and meet her fiance Jason.   They were doing their engagement shoot so I met Katy at Mikes hair salon in Pickering Village and we did her trial run for her wedding :)! 
Katy’s make up was Very natural for the shoot; it was airbrushed (as usual with me) and we used MAC soft and gentle in the inner corner of her eye as well as under her brow bone, MAC woodwinked (love this colour) and used expresso on the outer corner of her eye. 

It was a great morning and I had a blast getting to know Katy better and can not wait till her special day!! 

Photographs were taken by youbymia

My Beautiful Sister’s Wedding!

Okay soo this one hits a little close to home!! My gorgeous sister got married to the love of her life/Ewans daddy on May 12th.  I could not be happier for her  as she has made herself an amazing family!! Let me get one thing straight my sister means the world to me she is my bestfriend and has ALWAYS had my back (even if sometimes i didn’t know that’s what she was doing).  But let me tell you if putting make up on her while funny now to look back on, she was my most difficult client ever not because she is picky very far from that but just because she simply does NOT like people touching her face esp her eyes.  I think she is the first person to tell me eyeshadow burns!!! I managed to get on some all that glitters and sketch on her eyes and I even managed to get some lashes on her (that was the most difficult) annd like most of my clients my sister was airbrushed!   Never the less Megs looked gorgeous as she always does; but we all know she doesn’t even need  any make up as she is a stunning stunning woman!

My amazing cousin Mia did the photography for her wedding!! she did an unreal job and really captured all the emotions that day as well as how gorgeous of a day it was!! Hair was done by Michael Di Tacchio (if you ever need your hair done check him out he is located in Pickering Village)

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Congrats again to my gorgeous sister Megan Purdy (I guess Megan Bennett now) and her handsome husband Doug Bennett.  It was an amazing day and I’m so happy that I was a part of it
Love you guys