Asian Eyes

Hey guys,

So not a blog I typically write but thought since I have seen and heard horror stories of people doing make up on Asian eyes I thought I would write what I typically would do for Asian eyes. First of all I want to start of saying that there are NO RULES when you’re doing make up, experiment and have fun while you’re doing it!!!  You will see the things that work and don’t work!

Asian eyes are stunning and I LOVE doing make up on them; however they can be tricky if as for some reason peoples first thought is to make them have a crease.  Yes sometimes you can make them have the illusion of a crease with it looking good but doing a full on crease where it would be RARELY looks nice.

Usually if I want to create well defined eyes I have at least three colours to play with: a light shade a medium shade and a dark shade.  The medium shade would be placed all over the lid, the darkest shade should be placed at the lash line and smudged/blended up to the middle of your lid, the lightest shade (I usually use one with a shine) should be placed on the brow bone (right under the eyebrow) to meet the medium shade creating a shadow gradient. To open your eyes and make them pop put the lighter shade on the inside corner of the eye as well. Make sure you blend the colours so that there is not a solid line to when the colours stop and start.   You will want a little more definition take a eyeliner and line your top lid (I recommend using a liquid or gel liner my favourite are MAC boot black, MAC fluidline and Stila’s smudge pot). People say do not line under asian eyes however if you have smaller eyes and want to open them put a white or nude tone on your lower waterline this will open up the eyes even more and if you have bigger eyes and you want them more dramatic why not put some black on your waterline?  Always curl your lashes before applying mascara, one of my favourite eyelash curlers is model in a bottle’s it works amazing and it is not a huge metal curler that looks like it’s going to eat your eye haha; its cute and dainty and gets the job done!!

Hope this helps some people out 🙂

2 thoughts on “Asian Eyes

  1. I actually LOVE putting eyeshadow and eyeliner under my eye – for me, it’s what makes the difference. Do you think the darker two colours should be matte? I hear a lot of people saying they should be to create depth, but I personally don’t think it matters, just like using a shimmery highlighter (I think it looks pretty, but doesn’t actually “change” bone structure like contouring does.) Great post, I’ll check out some of those liners. x

    • Hey!
      How are you? Thanks for reading my post, I am glad you liked it! Again there are not really any rules to applying make up it’s all about experimenting and finding what YOU like and what works for you. Usually if i put shadow under someones eye I will use a highlighter one in the inner corner under the eye something like soft and gentle by mac)and then on the outer corner meet half way with a matte dark colour i just think the impact of this looks amazing it opens up your eyes and ads a dramatic look to it 🙂

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