Lise Watier Portfolio- Canada’s #1 Corrector?

Hey everyone,

So I went to a Lise Watier training recently and I have to say it was very informative and lots of fun as well!  If you ever get a chance to do it I highly recommend it!

Alright so as usual I will tell you what Lise Watier says about their product and then my feelings on it 🙂

“Canada’s #1 Corrector* !
Some skin tone imperfections and under-eye circles may require professional help. Our Portfolio Professional Correctors with super-smoothing, super-comforting Vitamin E and a remarkable five-way concealer spectrum correct and conceal skin tone imperfections and under-eye circles. And yes, darling, they’re 100% Paraben-free”

Alright so let’s explain the wheel before I start saying yay or nay to this product there are so many things you can do with it afterall!

There are 5 colours on this wheel they are as follows:

Beige/yellow beige: this will help hide blue veins as well as under eye circles

Lilac:  This is to use as a highlighter it is to give you a radiance effect

Brown: This will help contour and will also help correct as well.

Ivory:  this is to hide your under eye circles

Green:  this will hide any redness that you may have (most of us have some).

Despite what the colours are meant to do you can play around with them and see what works best for you!  Some people also mix colours together and use it as a foundation (for me it is a bit thick but you can always thin it out with a moisturizer)

Okay so I love this product and I am so glad I made the purchase and also happy I got another one as a gift from LIse Watier!!! I have to make sure that I prep and prime my skin before as it is a little thick the best way to use it is heating it up with your fingers a little bit (I apply it with a brush and then work it in with my fingers to heat the product up and make it nice and smooth).  This will hide everything!!!  Once I put it on I then put my foundation or BB cream over top it for a flawless coverage. 

Lise Watier shows you how they recommend you apply it here is the photo of their demonstration: demo


It is a good way to get started with this product at first I would follow it see how it works for you and then play around with it once you get used to the product!

I highly recommend this product as it is now one of my favourites in my kit full of many!!


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