Life with Two

So a little background here. Hayden was born in October 2014 – pregnancy sucked – labour well it was great besides that damn idiot that didn’t know how to do an epidural properly!
We then tried for another and had a miscarriage between 10 and 11 weeks, needed a D&C and well it was emotionally and physically exhausting but I’ll talk about life miscarrying in another blog because man that life is def not fun!
My “rainbow” baby Hunter was born December 2016 – same thing Pregnancy was shit – labour it was great and my fear of the epidural was gone as this guy knew what he was doing and didn’t miss me 3 times and didn’t hit a nerve soo it was great. If you ever want to know about my labour stories I’ll be more than happy to write about them, because sometimes it’s nice to hear the good ones and not just the bad!
When I was pregnant with Hunter I had a ton of anxiety about how Hayden would be and preparing myself to make sure I pay just as much attention to her as the brand new baby. But when she walked into that hospital room to meet him for the first time our hearts were so full and I knew right away that everything would be good!
Don’t get me wrong it was far from perfect and I had my moments of complete chaos and wtf . Hunter was colicky, had bad acid reflux, would only sleep at night if he was on me, Hayden well she was two she was hyper and non stop (I’m sure like every two year old) . I had my moments of sitting on the kitchen floor crying while listening to Hunter crying and Hayden running around me screaming. If Hayden would see me crying she would come down sit on me and tell me it’s okay don’t be sad and then well naturally I would just cry more cause I thought #momfail right here.
But I’ve always been extremely thankful for these amazing kids that we have, sure I may need a glass of red most nights….sometimes more than one but they are the best things that ever happened to me, along with my husband of course; I can’t leave him out 🙂
Life with these two is full of laughs, love and of course there’s frustration but it wouldn’t be life if there wasn’t right?
To all those momma’s who are stressing about a second baby it will be amazing, stop focusing on how you’re going to do it and enjoy every single second with your first born until that baby comes! Take in everything that you do together, take lots of photos and of course lots of snuggles.
Matt and I always talked about Hunter to Hayden, we got her so excited to be a big sister that she was amazing when he was born..even motherly! I spent all of the time I could with her before he came and I soaked in lots of snuggles with her!
Yes things change and going from one to two is hard and stressful at times but you still get that time with your first born, you still get those snuggles and those convos. So enjoy it because you are one of the lucky ones to be able to create such little miracles!

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